Flashing the Leather, watercolor and crayon on 11x14 inch cotton paper by Kenney Mencher

Delivery takes two to three weeks. 
Slightly longer out of the USA

I really wish I had the balls to dress like a leather daddy. I love the whole persona of it the fact that it subverts some things that have to do with politics, I mean these guys almost look like storm troopers, but they are just the opposite of the storm trooper’s agenda.

One of the other things that is really cool about the whole leather seem is that it’s these completely beautiful man wearing revealing shiny tough clothing. The fact that it’s been combined bit with the biking scene and the bear scene makes it even more exciting for me.

In this watercolor one of the things I’m trying to do is also use pattern to create a little bit more of a visual interest.

One of the important things for me in making a watercolor is that it’s not so traditional and we can watery. In my watercolors one of the things I’m also trying to do is use a lot of strength in terms of line and shading.

This mixed media uses watercolor, acid free sketchbook paper and archival black artist's crayon.

The paper is a standard frame size so you can easily buy a kit on line at or even here on Etsy.

This painting began with a black and white drawing and then I developed it with alternating layers of watercolor and crayon.

The technique I use is archival and will not smudge easily like charcoal and pastel. It is very resistant to fade although you should never hang a watercolor in direct light from a window unless the light is muted. Glass really helps to preserve color and will keep the drawing fresher.

I use archival white and black crayons to make these drawings. They are very permanent and they won't smudge or rub off unless you really rough the drawings up.

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