Nuance Software (Dragonspeak) be careful!

Anyone using an old version of Dragonspeak dictation software by Nuance? Careful about reinstalling a legacy version!

I have been uaing Dragonspeak for years. Version 13.0.  When I bought a new computer, I tried installing the legacy version. I had everything, the serial number, activation key, everything.  Here's the tricky part.

After I installed it and clicked on the link within the program, it brought me to a website to register and or activate it.  The website had somehow hacked or diverted an address for the 5 year old version and was attempting to install malware. 

I Googled customer support and stupidly clicked on a "sponsored site" on Google, called the help line and it was a hacking scam. I didn't fall for it but the site and the scammer were really good and professional sounding. Still with me?

I found the right number on a Nuance site (not Dragonspeak) and asked for help with version 13.0.  They said no. Buy the newer $700 version. They don't support old software.


Then I told them about the fake clone sites and the attempted scams. I tried to give them URLs etc. They clearly didn't care and I'm sure they thought I was too much trouble. I guess I'll never use a Nuance product again.