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Luncheon of the Boating Party
watercolor1 Although watercolor painting is extremely old, dating perhaps to the cave paintings of paleolithic Europe, and has been used for manuscript illumination since at least Egyptian times but especially in the European Middle Ages, its continuous history as an art medium begins in the Renaissance.
The work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself and carry you away. It is the means by which the artist conveys his passion. It is the current which he puts forth, which sweeps you along in his passion


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Varnish Fine Art

Double Talk by KRK Ryden
Book Signing this Sat April 27, 3-5pm Join us this Saturday at the gallery where you can get copies of Double Talk and have them signed by KRK Ryden himself!
Double Talk is a book of illustrated homographs from KRK Ryden. The hard-bound, 114-page book---KRK's first---features 51 black-and-white illustrations and a short essay about the artist.
Video of KRK Ryden reading excerpts
BONUS! Ken the Magic Corner God, featuring the theramin-playing skills of KRK Ryden will serenade us all with a cacophony of electronic sound and noise.
Original works by KRK Ryden that appear in his book will be for sale at this book signing event.
Map to Varnish Fine Art
16 Jessie Street, #C120, San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)433-4400

Video: Portrait Demo of Smiley 8x10

Wet into wet portrait demo about 40 minutes with me explaining the process. Almost all of it is in real time, I sped up the very last section.  

You can buy this painting for $95 here: