Malcom Liepke a really fantastic artist!

Now at Arcadia Fine Arts
51 Greene Street New York, NY 10013
t: 212.965.1387

A simply fantastic artist who is now showing at Arcadia Fine Arts.  If you haven't seen Mr. Liepke's work before you are in for the most absolutely fantastic show ever.

This painter combines elements of John Singer Sargent with Velasquez like bravura passages.  I've heard that some people don't like the way he stylizes faces and flesh tones but I think that's his strength.

There's an erotic quality to the faces and figures that in a way is almost how visual reality should be.

Artists choose to show the viewer how things should look.  To change the focus of the viewer towards what the artist finds valuable.  Liepke's counterbalancing curves in his figures.  His lush painterly surfaces are a sort of cognate to the skin of the figure. Some things that reproductions don't show are his use of walnut oil to increase the viscosity of the paint and make the surfaces almost like a frosting that one might be compelled to dip there fingers into.

Even his male figures have an erotic languid muscularity that is exciting and sensuous in a way that goes beyond just sex.  Liepke just finds the human form beautiful and I like the way he sees things!

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