Debut, New York Exhibition
"Eternal Recurrence"


Join us for the opening reception with the artist on Saturday, September 18
from 6pm to 8pm.

This exhibition will be on view at Arcadia Contemporary until October 3.

10am to 6pm

11am to 6pm

(Closed Mondays... for now.)
421 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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Collector Preview for Cinta Vidal at MOAH
Thank you so much for your interest in our family of artists and our upcoming solo exhibition with Cinta Vidal (b. 1994 USA) that we have curated for her at MOAH Lancaster.

A link to her advance preview and full details on her exhibition can be found below.

We will get back to everyone throughout the day on Tuesday, September 28. We are off-site getting all ready at the museum today. We will be giving all on our list the time to reply today. Once we're back in our gallery tomorrow, we will start to get back to everyone.

Please take the time to read over the below (IMPORTANT)...
If interested in purchasing a work from Cinta's exhibition, please reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to with the following details...

- Your Full Name
- The best phone number to reach you at (to help with time-sensitive sales)
- Your shipping address (so we can get a shipping quote / confirm you've not moved)
- Please include an alternate choice or two, to best help your chances with securing a work.
- Please do not list a work on your list, if you're not serious about securing it.

Thank you so much for your support.
Cinta Vidal at MOAH Lancaster on October 2

Curated by Thinkspace Projects

On view October 2 - December 26 at as part of Structure:
Museum of Art and History (MOAH)
665 W. Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, California 93534

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 2 from 4 to 6pm

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) is pleased to announce the opening of Structure, a series of solo exhibitions featuring artists HK Zamani, Kimberly Brooks, Chelsea Dean, Mela M, Matjames Metson, Jim Richard, and Cinta Vidal. Additionally, pieces by Coleen Sterritt from MOAH's permanent collection will be on display. Structure explores the various ways in which humans organize their mental and physical spaces through art and architecture. Throughout the exhibition, time operates as a unique type of structure, itself — a river flowing from past to present to future — from which these artists draw inspiration.

About Concrete from Cinta Vidal:
Multidisciplinary artist Cinta Vidal illustrates new perceptions of city landscapes by detaching and reimaging the architectural formations that function as the backdrops of life. For Vidal, depicting macro and micro levels of inverted apartment buildings and city structures illustrate the various ways the world is experienced by a mass population. Having grown up with an affinity for drawing, Vidal became an apprentice at Taller de’Escenografia Castells Planas, one of the most prestigious scenography ateliers in Spain and across Europe. There, she learned the trades of scenography, painting large-scale scenes and settings for theatre and opera backdrops. Utilizing this experience, Vidal uses acrylic paint on canvas to create what she describes as her “un-gravity constructions.” She paints each artwork with close attention to detail, fully realizing each structure and the unfolding scenes within. Vidal’s combination of saturation, detail, and balance work together to allow the viewer’s gaze to absorb these various and often intersecting viewpoints.

Cinta Vidal’s architecturally-inspired paintings encapsulate the concrete formations that enclose the day-to-day turbulence experienced at the personal and community level. Too often people are focused on individuality instead of commonality, leaving little room to observe the surrounding hustle and bustle of city-life. Vidal challenges viewers to look beyond the self and broaden their perceptions of the physical and divided structures humans frequently occupy. By depicting individuality within an arrangement of occupied spaces, she captures the conflict between the multifaceted nature in which society experiences the world, internal perceptions of reality, and the inflexible architecture people inhabit. Vidal’s unrelenting yet inverted constructions symbolize the “mental structures” of the individual. Thus Vidal’s unconventional portrayal of metropolitan architecture elevates these self-revolving structures, reminding viewers that they are not alone and to pay closer attention to the many pathways of life existing amidst the masses.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is dedicated to strengthening awareness, enhancing accessibility and igniting the appreciation of art, history, and culture in the Antelope Valley through dynamic exhibitions, innovative educational programs, creative community engagement, and a vibrant collection that celebrates the richness of the region. MOAH is open Tuesday – Friday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with extended hours on Thursdays until 8 p.m. For more information, please visit:
Artist Statement:

"Concrete architecture pursues functionalism and the elimination of conventionalism and ornamentation. Durable and versatile, cement protects the fragility of the life that passes through it with hard and rough shapes.  
In the uncertain times we have had to live, our refuge has been our home. Astonished, western civilization have discovered its collective vulnerability and revalued the sense of family, neighborhood and community. 
The lights that shine from inside the homes are the reflection of everyday life inside each house in contrast to the darkness and uncertainty that is beyond. I love those mysterious moments between day and night, which invite rest and reflection." - Cinta Vidal
About Cinta Vidal:

Cinta Vidal Agulló (b. 1982) has been drawing since she was a child. She studied at Escola Massana in Barcelona and at 16, she started working as an apprentice in Taller de Escenografia Castells Planas in St. Agnès de Malanyanes where she learned from Josep and Jordi Castells to love scenography and the backdrop trade. She currently lives and works in a studio located above her family’s toy store in Cardedeu, a small town near Barcelona, Spain.

Always pushing her craft forward, Vidal is also an avid muralist with murals in Hong Kong, Atlanta (Georgia), Barcelona (Spain), Vancouver (British Columbia), Kobe (Japan), Valencia (Spain), Calgary (Alberta), Honolulu (Hawaii), Culver City (California) Long Beach (California) and the Napa Valley region of Northern California.

Vidal was also recently commissioned by Facebook to paint their new headquarters in Northern California.
Thinkspace returns to Chicago on October 9
‘LAX / ORD III: Growing the Focus’

Featuring an ephemeral mural installation from Langston Allston

Plus a group show featuring 3 small works from each of the following artists:
Abigail Goldman
Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
Brian “Dovie” Golden
Hanna Lee Joshi
Huntz Liu
Imon Boy
Jack Shure
Jolene Lai
Josh Keyes
Kevin Peterson
Langston Allston
Mark Jeffrey Santos
Reen Barrera
Scott Listfield
Sean Banister
Sergio Garcia
Super A
Tosin Kalejaye
Victoria Cassinova
Willem Jacques Hoeffnagel
Yosuke Ueno
Yumi Yamazaki

On view October 9 - October 30 at:
Vertical Gallery
1016 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 9 from 12-6pm
* masks and social distancing enforced

There will be NO digital preview before we open the doors on Saturday, October 9.

Please note that works will be available for in-person sales first, the day of the exhibition in Chicago. NO pre-sales of any kind, in-person or otherwise. There will be a limit of one work per artist, per patron / couple / household. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel is a "line sitter". Small groups will be welcomed in at a time. Once all sales are completed, the next small group will be allowed in. Further details will be shared as we get closer to the exhibition's opening. Any works unsold during the opening reception, will be offered for sale the week following the opening. Those details will be shared soon as well.

All works featured in the show are 16x20 inches (40x50 cm) or smaller.

Further details will be shared just prior to the exhibition's opening. Thank you.
Coming up on October 16 at Thinkspace
Un día a la vez

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16 from 6-9pm

On view October 16 - November 6 in our main gallery

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, October 11

"My work is inspired by the mystery of the feminine, in the meaning of its physical, emotional and spiritual state. An exploration of the visible body as shapeless matter willing to mold itself." - Hilda Palafox

About Hilda Palafox:

Hilda Palafox (b. 1982 Mexico) attended the School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts (EDINBA) and majored in Editorial Design. Since 2011 she began her career as an artist producing works in different media. From illustration, ceramics, painting to monumental murals in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Brazil.
Hilda presented her first solo exhibition in Japan after an artist residency at AIR Onomichi in 2018. Followed by solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Mexico City.
The female body inspires Hilda Palafox's work as the central element. Her images present a fresh look at the traditional representation of the female body in Western art. The shapes, colors, and textures seem to embody Latin American women, radiant colors, robust silhouettes, dark skin, and monumental bodies whose edges intermingle with the spaces containing them. Her work is inspired by the mystery of the feminine, in the meaning of its physical, emotional, and spiritual state. An exploration of the visible body as shapeless matter willing to mold itself. Her images investigate the autonomy of the figure, the independence of composition, and freedom of color.
Princesses, Gender Mandates and Other Stories

On view October 16 - November 6 in Gallery II

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, October 11

Olga Esther (b. 1975 Spain) is an artist based in Valencia, Spain and we are honored to be hosting her U.S. west coast solo debut.

Olga Esther paints princesses who don’t want to be princesses, birds who cry blood and toads who kill themselves because they are ignored. She uses the symbolism of “princess-tales” to talk about gender and feminism. She paints the invisible ones, the little forgotten girls, the little nobodies of this world, but above all, all those who do not have anyone.

Esther is based in Valencia, Spain. She is a graduate of fine arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and received art scholarships in both Prague and Mexico as well as holding a master‘s degree in video games.

"We live in societies based on relations of domination and on the exclusion of the different, the other, the vulnerable. These attitudes of domination take place at all levels and lead us not only to the destruction of nature and the mistreatment of nonhuman animals, but also to the oppression and discrimination of some human beings over others, whether by gender, ethnicity, sexual option or different abilities.

I believe in a more just world, and that world we can not achieve through denial and hatred of the vulnerable “other”. I believe in a diverse world based on inclusion, compassion, empathy and caring for others. A world in which non-human animals are respected as individuals capable of suffering physically and emotionally and in which we all care for the Earth, as our home and the home of future generations." - Olga Esther
Life Is Hard

On view October 16 - November 6 in our viewing room

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, October 11

Mike Egan (b. 1977 USA) is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and earned his fine arts degree from the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Egan’s works are created using acrylic paint, shellac, wood and nails and tell stories about death, devils and saints. He is greatly influenced by horror films (particularly, Day of the Dead and Halloween), churches, The German Expressionists and his time in funeral homes as an embalmer.

We’re excited to be hosting his debut west coast solo exhibition, following numerous group show appearances over the past several years.

“The subject matter in my work tends to deal with life, death, and religion. I've been working in funeral homes for the last five years and I've become quite familiar with all three subjects. Through funerals we tend to celebrate not only someone dying but we also celebrate that person's life. Through religion we hope that our loved ones are in a better place, that they are not suffering anymore. My inspiration comes from many different sources: The German Expressionists, stained glass windows, Halloween, Southern folk art, funeral homes, horror films, music, lowbrow/outsider art, Religious icons, etc. I am always adding and subtracting ideas and colors to my work to make each painting have its own story. I like to think that each painting is in some way a goodbye to somebody who passed away. A funeral portrait.”
- Mike Egan
Joan Mitchell Center Residency Works

On view October 16 - November 6 in our viewing room

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, October 11

Langston Allston (b. 1991 USA) is an artist and muralist living and working in New Orleans. His work has appeared in shows around the country, including a two-person show with artist and cultural historian Big Chief Demond Melancon at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art in Brooklyn (2018) and a solo show with the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago (2018). Langston’s work has also been included in the 2020 exhibition of southern artists, 'Make America What America Must Become', at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. 

Beyond his studio practice, Langston has also created murals and installations for a wide range of clients from corner stores and nail salons to Alembic Community Development and the Chicago Bulls. The consistent thread through his work has been a genuine curiosity about the world around him, and a commitment to making honest and legible work that speaks to his community.

Allston recently completed a residency at the Joan Mitchell Foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana and is currently building a body of work for his debut solo exhibition with Thinkspace, planned for March of 2022.
About Thinkspace Projects
Thinkspace Projects was founded in 2005; now in LA's burgeoning West Adams District, the gallery has garnered an international reputation as one of the most active and productive exponents of the New Contemporary Art Movement. Maintaining its founding commitment to the promotion and support of its artists, Thinkspace has steadily expanded its roster and diversified its projects, creating collaborative and institutional opportunities all over the world. Founded in the spirit of forging recognition for young, emerging, and lesser-known talents, the gallery is now home to artists from all over the world, ranging from the emerging, mid-career, and established.
The New Contemporary Art Movement, not unlike its earlier 20th Century counterparts like Surrealism, Dada, or Fauvism, ultimately materialized in search of new forms, content, and expressions that cited rather than disavowed the individual and the social. The earliest incarnations of the Movement, refusing the paradigmatic disinterest of "Art" as an inaccessible garrison of 'high culture', championed figuration, surrealism, representation, pop culture, and the subcultural. By incorporating the 'lowbrow,' accessible, and even profane, an exciting and irreverent art movement grew in defiance of the mandated renunciations of "high" art. Emerging on the West Coast in the 90's partly as a response to the rabid 'conceptual-turn' then championed on the East Coasts, the Movement steadily created its own platforms, publications, and spaces for the dissemination of its imagery and ideas.
Though the New Contemporary Art Movement has remained largely unacknowledged by the vetted institutions of the fine art world and its arbiters of 'high culture,' the future promises a shift. The Movement's formative aversion to the establishment is also waning in the wake of its increased visibility, institutional presence, and widespread popularity.
Thinkspace has sought to champion and promote the unique breadth of the Movement, creating new opportunities for the presentation of its artists and work. Though still very much invested in the elevation and exposure of its emerging talents, the gallery, now in its 13th year, has come into its own with a roster that reflects this maturity. An active advocate for what is now one of the longest extant organized art movement's in history, Thinkspace is an established voice for its continued growth and evolution.
The gallery has in recent years expanded its projects beyond Los Angeles, exhibiting with partner galleries and organizations in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and Honolulu among many others, participating in International Art Fairs, and curating New Contemporary content for Museums. Committed to the vision, risk, and exceptional gifts of its artists, the gallery is first and foremost a family. From the streets to the museums, and from the "margins" to the white cube, Thinkspace is re-envisioning what it means to be "institutional."

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Thinkspace Projects | 310.558.3375 | 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
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