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As an artist, I am so excited to celebrate World Art Day on April 15th. It's a day where we recognize the power and importance of art in our lives, and I encourage everyone to take some time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Whether it's admiring a breathtaking painting or listening to a moving piece of music, art has a way of touching our hearts and souls in a way that nothing else can.
But there's something else I want to talk to you about that's equally important to me as an artist: buying directly from the artist. When you buy a piece of art from a middle-man website, you're not only paying for the art itself, but also for the costs associated with the sale of the work. This can add up to 35-50% of the total price, which means that the artists sometimes receive half of what you pay to the middle-man. However, when you buy directly from the artist, you not only get a one-on-one experience, but you also save that extra money. It's a win-win situation! 
So, this World Art Day, I encourage you to not only appreciate the art around you but also to support artists by buying directly from them. It's a small gesture that can make a big impact on an artist's life, and you might even discover a new favorite artist along the way!

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Image description: The ring of trans joy & power. A graphic where anti-trans political violence is at the center, and different manifestations of anti-trans political violence branch out. These manifestations are: bathroom bans, forced outing bills, healthcare bans, drag bans, curriculum bans, sports bans. This center week is surrounded by a wheel of text that reads: ring of trans joy & power. Elevate initiatives that center authentic trans voices. Educate your people. Demand lawmaker accountability.
As the only art museum dedicated to LGBTQIA+ art and artists in the world, we are intimately familiar with the targeted hate and violence our communities experience. Recent years have seen a proliferation of trans narratives and stories, and a corresponding wave of backlash that is currently taking the form of legislation that seeks to actively harm trans people and youth and restrict access to gender-affirming care. We are all about celebrating our communities' daily moments of triumph, beauty, and joy, but we also know that authentic visibility, representation, and education calls for action. We’re incredibly proud to uplift LLMA Board member Raquel Willis’s Trans Week of Visibility and Action, which was organized in collaboration with ACLU attorney Chase Strangio

“With Trans Week of Visibility and Action, we're encouraging our community and those who care about us to remember our power and that we deserve safety, healthcare, education, and to pursue our dreams like everyone else,” Willis told them. “We don't just want to be seen; we want to be heard and considered as well.”

The imperative to support trans-led organizations and advocate for more inclusive policies and legislation is ongoing. We encourage you to donate to trans-led organizations and learn more about how to directly support and impact trans lives and futures.
Image description: LLMA staff prepare images shot by Lexi Webster for the installation of the facade on the exterior of the museum.
The Black Trans Femme Art Collective is one of the organizations highlighted in the Trans Week of Visibility and Action campaign, and we’re very proud to partner with BTFA Collective for Trans Day of Visibility. BTFA will activate the facade of the museum with a window installation from March 31 through April 23. The installation will highlight work by visual artists Lexi Webster and Gatekeeper Adrian in the collective. 

BTFA creates spaces for the production and preservation of Black trans art and culture by building community with Black trans femme artists and providing them with the resources and support necessary to thrive.

To support BTFA, visit btfacollective.org and follow them on social media at @btfacollective and come check out the windows at Leslie-Lohman! Or, donate directly to the collective to directly support a Black trans femme led organization. 
Image Description: A graphic advertising a free strength training class with Coach Tray on March 31 at 6pm. Coach Tray is a masculine-presenting person who smiles warmly at the camera. Register via outboxgym.com
We want to take a moment to shine a light on our partnership with Outbox this month for TDOV. Through our partnership we sponsored 20 free classes for queer and trans community! Outbox is a Boxing and Fitness club that aims to make working out fun and accessible. Trans-owned and operated, they openly welcome all members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Your first class is always free. We love embodied queer and trans joy 💕

Head over to Instagram to learn more and book a class!
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