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Here are some of the titles so far!
Arleen Delilah Simbe, Crow's Feet
Michael Spackman, Time flies!
Cara Mendelsohn, Birdville or Flying High
Ryan Sukenik, Farmer's Nightmare
Todd Heapy, Caw of the Wild
Todd Heapy, "Damn, I just washed my truck."
Brian Newlin, Contemplating the Murder.
Anthony Faber, Where's Tippi?
Dana Davis, Now, what do they want?
Dana Davis, Vincent's gun?
Dana Davis, I love this. Same reason I have cats.
Michael Aschner

1. Retracing His Steps
2. An Overcrowded Mind
3. The Precise Moment He Snapped
4. Murder Whispers to Pedro The Indecisive Groundskeeper
5. Yet Again Alfred Forgets Where He Put His Keys... See More
6. His Muddy Footfalls Sound Like Murmuring Crow Wings
7. They Chuckle at His Expense
8. Retired and Bankrupt Philosophy Professor Buford J. Munson
Wonders What Nihilism Ever Did For Him
9. Munson Ponders if Losing the 'Stache Would Shave Off the
10. Crows Counting Man Can't Subtract

Robert Mendelsohn, Flight of the Valkeries
Robert Mendelsohn, The Old Aviator

New Book Cover

I just finished a commision for a bookcover. It's called "21 Tales by a Modern Master of Noir" Dave Zeltserman