Saturday, April 15, 2017

Do you take portrait commissions?

Yes I do.

You pay the rest through Etsy on completion of the project

I prefer to do commissions for collectors who have already bought some of my work because then they have seen original work and know how it looks in person. 

The prices for commissions are usually around double the cost of an original watercolor, drawing or painting of the same size I sell on Etsy. 

I prefer to do commissions in watercolor because they usually look more like the person/subject. Oil paintings tend to move around and change a bit from the photos but I will do them.

If you choose to have a commission painted I ask for a 50% payment up front that is a non-refundable deposit. 

If after I have completed the commission you want me to revise the painting I will do one revision without charge.

If after I have completed the commission you do not want the painting, you can reject the commission, however, I keep the non-refundable deposit on the painting and have the right to sell it to another client. 


Commission Prices

18x24 Painting Oil $599.69
18x24 On Paper (watercolor or drawing) $429.69

16x20 Painting Oil $429.69
16x20 On Paper (watercolor or drawing) $269.69

11x14 Painting Oil $299.69
11x14 On Paper (watercolor or drawing) $209.99

9x12, 8x10, 8x8 Oil Painting $229.69
9x12 8x10 8x8 On Paper (watercolor or drawing) $149.69

Please feel free to send me some photos of whatever you have. I have at this time around 6 commissions from collectors that I'm working on now so it may be more than around 2 months before I can complete yours and then sometimes up to three weeks for it to be ready to ship.

Thanks again for your interest!

Best regards,


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