As Summer approaches, Arcadia is bursting with what is clearly 
"an embarrassment of riches." 

The new paintings below are "quintessential examples" of why we represent these extraordinary artists. And while these talented individuals are celebrated for their painterly skills, it's their "signature styles" that make their creations instantly recognizable. When you see a work by any of these artists, you immediately know that no one else but that artist could have created these paintings.

From the most recent, still life masterworks by Jeffrey Ripple and Carlo Russo to the flawless and hauntingly elegant imagery by Stephen Mackey, we could not be more proud of the quality and importance of these new offerings at the gallery.

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Wisconsin-based painter Jeffrey Ripple's "tour de force" oil painting,
"Late In The Day In March" has left us breathless. From the masterful depiction of the glass vase to the way the sunlight bathes the elements in the image, Ripple once again proves that very few painters in the country can come close to his undeniable level of skill.
 Jeffrey Ripple    "Late In The Day In May"   Oil on Panel   22" x 22"
Serge Marshennikov is a "painter's painter." Internationally recognized for his flawless depictions of solemnity and sensuality, the Russia-based artist is able to "say" so much, by presenting so little. The model depicted in the painting "In Her Room," is caught unaware as she dresses at the end of a day's work in the studio. By choosing not to show the face of this woman, Marshennikov achieves a level of intimacy that becomes timeless. Like the often-visited theme of "artist and model", this work will continue to inspire for generations to come.
Serge Marshennikov    "In Her Room"    Oil on Canvas   15.75" x 13.5"
Adam Vinson paints memories. His imagery, inspired by the annals of history and re-conceived in oil paint, depict universal themes of pride, celebration and accomplishment. Each work contains subtle, blurred areas to remind us that time is both fleeting and elusive and should be cherished.
The Battle Line" is an homage to youth, strength and solidarity and reminds us that our "glory days" can only be relived in our memories.
Adam Vinson    "The Battle Line"    Oil on Panel   13.25" x 24"
From his secluded studio in Wales, Stephen Mackey creates magic. With each painting, he conjures up scenes of never-ending mystery and haunting beauty. In his largest painting to-date, "Pearls For Eyes," Mackey takes us 20,000 leagues under the sea to a kingdom presided over by an eternally beautiful "Queen of the Ocean Depths." As jellyfish and octopus attend to her every desire, we cannot help but think that we will all be merely bait when she decides to hunt.
Stephen Mackey  "Pearls For Eyes"   Oil on Panel   48" x 36"
In Carlo Russo's amazing hands, objects as ordinary as skeins of yarn in his oil painting "Chroma" are composed on canvas like notes from a violin. Masterfully depicted to the point of being almost photographic, this elegant tribute to art and craft could as easily hang on the walls of a Dutch museum as it would in a collector's home.
Carlo Russo   "Chroma"   Oil on Panel   36" x 40"
Arcadia Contemporary, Town Plaza, 9428 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

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