JUNE 16, 2017
50 Years of Stirring the Pot
Ever since the first issue of The Advocate clandestinely rolled off the presses in 1967, the content of the magazine has engendered debate, adulation, and occasionally venom.MORE
Heroic Capitol Police Officer — and Her Wife — Get Presidential Visit
Crystal Griner, a former college basketball star who is married to a woman, is being lauded for stopping the attack on a congressional baseball practice Wednesday.
If You Hate the New Pride Flag, You're the Problem
The brown and black stripes on Philadelphia's Pride flag are not an attack on anyone, writes Amanda Kerri.
15 Reasons Why This Gay Man Will Never Be Monogamous
Writer Alex Cheves sees closed relationships as "innately unsuitable to our species." Here's why.
103 Photos of Love and Pride In Central Alabama
If you want to get all the right feels for Pride, we suggest visitng Birmingham for their week-long festival.

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