Who will tell their stories?


Two weeks ago, I shared with you some of the extraordinary artifacts donated to the Museum during our 20th anniversary national tour—a precious stuffed bunny, family letters and childhood photos, and articles of clothing worn during the war years—each with a unique story to tell.

Right now, there are thousands more objects all over the world—original evidence of the Holocaust—at risk of being lost forever. The Museum is in a race against time to find these fragile artifacts before it is too late.

Help sustain the Museum's efforts to rescue the evidence and teach the lessons of the Holocaust by making a donation of $25 or more today.
Help rescue Holocaust evidence

Locating and rescuing these artifacts is only the beginning of our work. Museum conservators and curators must then preserve, catalog, and digitize each item—a process that is both time-consuming and expensive. What's more, our collection, already the world's most comprehensive, continues to grow each day.

Objects like those donated during our recent tour will be the lone remaining witnesses to this history when the survivor and veteran generation is gone. Help secure the future of their memory with a donation of $25 or more today:


Thank you for your support,

Scott Miller
Director, Curatorial Affairs

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