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Preview: “Semiotic Weapons” and “My Famine” at Arch Enemy Arts 
 For their group show “Semiotic Weapons,” Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia gathered a small group of artists with distinct styles and a shared a penchant for symbolism. Featuring work by Kat Gun, Paul Romano, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Kukula, Robert Kraiza, Heather Gargon, JoKa, Genevive Zacconi, David Seidman, Chris B. Murray and NoseGo, the exhibition showcases a variety of aesthetics, from Kukula’s delicate pop surrealism to Michael Michael Motorcycle’s brightly-colored psychedelia to David Seidman’s contemporary riff on religious painting. In conjunction to the group show, Scott Kirschner will present a solo show titled “My Famine.” Take a look at our exclusive preview of both exhibitions and check out “Semiotic Weapons” and “My Famine” July 12 through September 1.

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