Kevin Keller Day

Kevin Keller: It Gets BetterFor over 25 years I’ve been able to write and draw many of the characters in the Archie Comics world. As a comic book artist and writer, I often use real life experiences in my work.

I've thought about conversations I’ve had with my children and their friends about school, friends, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. In doing so I realized that something was missing in Riverdale High. There were no LGBT characters.

I decided to introduce Kevin Keller, our first gay character. Kevin is a new student at Riverdale leading life as an out, proud high school student. Despite the fact that Kevin comes from a supportive family, growing up is not always easy.

When we introduced Kevin to our readers, we saw such a positive response from fans. The issues featuring Kevin were the first ones to sell out in Archie’s 70-year history and Kevin’s character received many accolades. We were inspired to create stories about Kevin's life as an enlisted member of the military who marries his boyfriend. We also now have a young adult novel about Kevin’s earlier years.

Recently, the It Gets Better Project spent some time with me at Archie Comics, learning more about how we developed Kevin’s story. For a special look inside the Kevin Keller story, please click this link to watch a great video piece. Also, check out the It Gets Better Project’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google + for more about Kevin.

I love drawing and writing Kevin Keller. I hope you enjoy getting to know Kevin as much as I have.

Dan Parent
Archie Comics

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