Professor, 9x12 inches graphite on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher

Professor,  9x12 inches graphite on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher 

Occasionally I like to make a drawing just because I find the subject to be a bit of a "character." This "professor" struck me as being almost like a stock character out of commedia dell'arte or a 1940's film with his bald pate, monocle, handlebar mustache and amused face.

I often make drawings for fun but sometimes I use my drawings as studies for watercolors and oil paintings. Drawings allow me to work out things like composition, subject matter and shading. Often I get to experiment when making a drawing with elements like mark making and cross hatching.

This drawing is made on a very high quality paper called Rives BFK. Rives BFK paper is mouldmade in France and has a smooth, absorbent surface. Rives Papers, made of 100% cotton, are acid free, soft-sized, and buffered.

Here's a bit more about the artist, Kenney Mencher.

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