Boopy, 9x12 inches oil on canvas panel by Kenney Mencher


This is a handmade work of art
NOT a print
Shipping takes 3-4 Weeks

Sometimes you just have to do a kind of character study of an interesting face. This young woman has the charm of a Betty Boop and the sex appeal of a movie star. Her bright red hair, full lips, blue eyes and surprised amused expression were the elements that drew me to her.

I'm a big fan of portrait painting in the vein of John Singer Sargent and Malcom Liepke. Often I find pictures of characters on the web and make quick alla prima portraits of people with cool or interesting faces.

("Alla Prima" Also known as ‘direct painting’, ‘au premier coup’ or occasionally mistakenly as ‘wet-on-wet’, alla prima is a one-layer painting technique in which the painting (usually painted from life) is completed in one sitting or while the paint is still wet.)

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