Deano Sutter a Coach that Helped Me

Deano Sutter 

Sometimes even an initial consult can be life changing. I've had one Zoom session with Deano in the last month and I've already made some tangible lasting changes in my behavior, way of thinking and my business practices. (Yes, Deano helped me to make more money already.)

Deano, I wanted you to know how much of a difference you've made in my life by consulting with me. Ever since I had my consult with you I've felt a shift in my thinking and how that shift has literally changed real things in my life. It's almost like a boulder was removed. Just from the Zoom session alone I've got pages of notes with real actions I can take (I already am).

Also, I came away with ideas to think about and the inspiration to actually execute them. I have the notes I took on my desk and look at them daily as a kind of checklist. This has pushed the rest of the dominoes over and I'm noticing real momentum towards how I deal with my business, my studio practice and even in my interpersonal interactions. I see things differently and I can see how you really "practice what you preach."

Thanks for your help.

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