UCSF Alliance Health Project
Donate to AHP and
RESIST* Transphobia   * Mental Health stigma 
* Homophobia    * Sexism   * Racism    * HIV stigma
Help Nurture and Strengthen our Community. 
* Be visible   * Live proudly   * Be authentic  
* Collaborate   * Communicate   * Organize
Show your support-and commit to your
community--make a RESIST pledge today (and if you pledge $25 per month or more you get a RESIST T-shirt)! 

Here's how to join the campaign:
  1. Go to the AHP donation page 
  2. In section 2 of the form, select "pledge"
  3. Select to pay over 12 monthly payments
  4. Fill out the rest of the form and submit
  • LGBTQ-affirming psychotherapy
  • HIV, HCV and STI testing
  • Substance use counseling and case management
  • Psychiatry and crisis services
  • Support groups

If you've pledged $25 or more per month, contact for your RESIST T-shirt!  
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