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The Last Show On Earth
Mills College MFA, Class of 2012 Reunion Exhibition
July 2 to 26
Opening Reception: Friday, July 3, 4 to 8pm. Join us for light refreshments and rousing conversation.
Closing Party! (and Fundraiser Day) Sunday, July 26, 12 to 4pm
What to make of this title: The Last Show on Earth?  Hard to say if this show is behind or ahead of the game.  If this was a race, the last show would be the slowest runner.  If this was a well of water, the last show would be the most savored drop.  Is this show a dibs on glory - the last crown to outshine all coronations or a denial of ambition - the fizzle before an exit?
If that isn’t enough to ponder -- what to make of The Last Show on Earth #2 coming to Free Oakland UP this summer?  The return of a gang who skates from humble to sassy, from measured to headlong.  Gentle humor sprinkled everywhere — on themselves and the world.  Best be there.  - Stephanie Ellis, Mills College 

Participating Artists:
Susanna Corcoran:
Madelyn Covey:
Matthew Gottschalk:
Mike Koehle:
Jocelyn Meggait:
Michael Mersereau: michaelmersereau
Seth Minor: sethminor
Camila Newhagen:
Tressa Pack: 

Kent Rodriguez Segura:
Sofia Sharpe:


If Thoughts Were Birds
An installation by Tessa Poppe
June 4 - 28, 2015

All individual artworks were offered free for a donation to the gallery and all pieces have been reserved. Thank you all for embracing Tessa's artwork.

Oakland artist Tessa Poppe is exhibiting a site-specific installation that illustrates the power and manifestation of thought. The exhibition is comprised of an illustrated story on video and paintings on old hardcover books.

If you reserved a piece please pick up Friday to Sunday, June 26 to 28. If you are unable to make it to the gallery during this time please email me, to coordinate a time. 

Plant Sale Fundraiser
Sunday July 192 to 4pm.

Where do all these plants come from you ask? Local green thumbs donate clippings and pots, I bring them home to plant and care for. In a few months they are happy and healthy and waiting for you to take to their new home.

Find the perfect succulent, cactus and tropical for your home and/or garden!

The Artists in Residence program continues with two artists!
May through July, Etosha Terryll and Tessa Poppe will be creating artwork using materials found at Free Oakland UP culminating in an exhibition in August, 2015.
Etosha makes ephemeral sculptures from recycled materials with the intention of gathering people together for a communal celebratory destruction; otherwise known as piñatas.  The series she is working on this summer at Free Oakland UP will highlight oceanic creatures with fantastical biological forms whose habitats are threatened by increasing garbage-ification of our planet’s salty depths.
She currently resides in Berkeley and spends her days as a preschool teacher, helping 5 year olds learn how to suck nectar from flowers. 

Fundraiser Day!! Sunday, June 28
2 Fundraiser Days in July!!

Sundays, July 12 and 26
12 to 4pm.

For a financial donation to help pay for the rent
you may choose up to 10 items from the Thrift/Gift Shop!!
If you would like to donate to Free Oakland UP to help pay rent and utilities, please donate!    Cash!   Cheques!  Payable to: Free Oakland UP, 2809 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland CA 94602
Or donate online via Paypal
Expenses include: rent ($900/month), administration fees, insurance and PG&E.

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