My art history videos that I've had closed captioned.

Art Appreciation Overview
How to Take the Class cc
How to Find the Study Guides cc
How to Match the Study Guides to the Vids and Texts cc
Cantor Center 1 cc
Cantor Center 2 cc
Cantor Center 3 cc
Cantor Center 4 cc
Cantor Center 5 cc
Ancient Greek Pottery cc
Early Ancient Greek Orientalizing Pottery cc
Classic Greek Qualities Symmetry Order and Architecture cc
Classic Athens The Nike Temple and Propylon cc
Greek Classic Erechtheion Porch of the Maidens cc
Greek Classic Parthenon cc
Greek Classic Sculpture and Plato cc
Early Ancient Greek Sculpture Part1 cc
Classic Greek Sculpture to Late Hellenistic cc
Roman Sculpture cc
Roman Architecture The Pantheon cc
Roman Architecture The Colosseum cc
Roman Art Late The Arch of Titus cc
Roman Architecture Ara Pacis Augustae cc
Roman Art Late Constantine his Arch and Basilica cc
How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay Quickly for Exams (Art History and Art Appreciation)

13th to 14th C Perspective St Francis Cimabue and Giotto cc
14th C Transitions into Late Gothic to Proto Renaissance Art cc
15th C Brunelleschi and Florence Cathedral cc
Cantor Center 7 cc
15th C Ghiberti and the Gates of Paradise of Florence Cathedral cc
16th C Printmaking The Reformation Durer Cranach and Holbein cc
16th C The Redesign of St Peters During the Renaissance by Bramante and Michelangelo cc
16th C Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling cc
Last-Judgment- Scenes
16th C Michelangelo and the Birth of Mannerism in Architecture at San Lorenzo cc
Video: Rembrandt
17th C Baroque Art Vermeer cc
18th C French Baroque and Rococo Art cc

19th C Realism in Part 1 Daumier Courbet cc
19th C Impressionism Monet cc
20th C Expressionism Klimt Munch Kirchner cc
20th C Picasso cc
20th C Pop Art Rauschenberg Warhol Oldenburg Johns cc

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