Hamamjian Modern: Huh?

I got an email blast today from Hamamjian Modern.  The plexiglass and wire piece of "art" and the artist's statement are so full of art speak and pretension that I keep thinking of the kid's story "The Emperor's New Clothes."  Is there really anything interesting or redeeming about this?  I'm not outraged just bored.
M  A  R  G  A  R  E  T    R  E  A  L  I  C  A

Fizzed Summer, 2012, Neon, acrylic, porcelain, digital photographic transparencies, circuit board, battery and wire, 12" x 9" x 4"
I have been attracted to the prevailing stark, contrasting opposites. A dichotomy that ranges from the ancient and contemporary to the organic and the mechanical or to the bleak and the brilliant. Seeing the interaction between the two and of how one affects the other. How one initiates the transformation of the other. Initially there is the cutting edge between the two but eventually a bonding and coexistence of both. My method of working includes playing with deconstruction and reconstruction. Suspending layers of images, drawing and porcelains, then reconnecting with wires, gears and machine parts.     
                                                                                                                                          - Margaret Realica

Museum Collections include:  Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona; Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy; Sparta Museum, Sparta, North Carolina; The Contemporary Museum FHB Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii;  Numerous private collections including Diane and Sandy Besser.
Please visit Hamamjian Modern to see more work.  Viewings can be arranged at your residence or in the San Francisco space.  Contact
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152 Fillmore Street   San Francisco, CA 94117  415-290-5220


  1. hey kenny, like you're not pretentious as one gives a shit what you artists think about? didn't you show in that loser gallery "hang"? so sad : (
    really who has the time to read the artist statement anyway, i'm too busy jerking off to be bored by a piece a art work.