Discussion: How are these things alike or different?


  1. I'll deal with the top two sculptures that way other people can touch on the various wall artwork. The first one, Doryphorous, is a classic Greek sculpture that is supposed to represent basically the "ideal" or "canon" individual and the use of no clothing shows he is in fact "pure" which is what we want in the ideal person regardless of the era. The Roman's took that concept further by applying armor but that could be because here now we have an emperor and a naked emperor doesn't seem all that powerful now does it? Both utilized the Greek's famous contrappasto positioning and the result of this forces the sculptor to use a brace or stand for the legs, in the Greek version it looks like tree stump of some sort while Roman one uses miniture angels, a further sign of power with god-like being tugging at his outfit.

  2. I like them attributes of kalos, bro. External beauty showin' that internal beauty - I could get behind something like that. Look @ how close we're getting to realism, girl. Like that Augustus of Prima Porta really has some verism in there with those huge ears, but he's still a very idealized form since they couldn't make him EXACTLy what he looks like because that was probably ugly. & you don't wanna show a ruler who's ugly. You wanna show how much power he has. Which is why you build up that image with the armor with all of those mythical figures. Got that Apollo & his chariot on there triumphing over his enemies - just like Augustus did. Also got that senator staff - because he led those people. He was made into a god & he's surrounded by all those god figures & that's wassup.

  3. The sculpture of Doryphoros and the portrait of Augustus have many similarities and differences. Both of these are in contraposto position. They both have similar bodies and gestures. Both are muscular and realistic, athletic and powerful. The contra posture makes them look realistic and life like. Both of these are made out of marble. One difference between them is that the Doryphoros original is made out of bronze and lost wax process. Augustus is made out of cheaper material of marble and would have been painted.
    Augustus is idealized and made handsome he still has pushed out ears and a weak chin. He has a larger nose than the Dorphoros. His eyes are large and he has an archaic smile. The Doryphoros does not have that smile but a severe look on his face rather than a pleasant look. Augustus is carrying a staff while Doryphoros is suppose to be carrying a spear. Agustus is the leader of senate. He is standing in a pose where he is speaking. He is wearing an armor which shows his military might and a toga wrapped around his waist. His feet are naked just like Doryphoros. We also see a cupid riding in back of a dolphin. All of these elements are added to show that these elements are to depict his role and give him an identity. His pose represents that he is making a powerful point. The feet represents that he might have died and lifted up and is in heaven. The cupid represents an ancestor of Augustus. His feet represents victory on land. Cupid is a victory figure on sea.

    The sculpture of Ara Pacis Augustae and Maidens and Stewards have many similarities and differences as well. In the sculpture of Maidens and stewards, there is no background or layering of image. It also has semi wet drapery and reveils the human from where everyone is standing in counterposto. The drapery wrinkles relate to columns. In the Ara Pacis Augustae, there are layering of figures and the relief gets lower as you move into the background. The relief relates to how far back you are. The higher relief is in the front and low relief in the back. The gestures are much more realistic as well. The drapery is flowing like water running through. The overall realism is much more clear and naturalistic. The children’s are moving in all these different ways which makes it more life-like and naturalistic.

  4. The Droyphoros, also called canon, form classic Greek period is the schema of the Roman sculpture called the the Augustus of Primapotra. The Augustusis standing in contrappostro that was based on the style of Greek sculptures. Both of these sculptures are shows naturalism and lifelike sculptures by standing in that way.
    According to the realistic and stylized features such as the hair, nose, Droyphoros and Augustus are seemed as a kalo that represent ideal person in their culture. However,the Augustus turns more naturalism if compare their features.
    In addition, Roman shows the evolution of sculpture by add cloth and myths. We can see that Augustus is wearing the torso armor, his right hand raised and pointed a direction, and his left hand hold a bronze stuff, these icons are represent he is a leader and speaker. Also, thesmay indicate Augustus is a good leader that not only by his military power, but also he is a speaker that always persuade people. In addition, the sculptor added some myth elements into the sculpture such as the Cupid drive the dolphin and touched Augustus, the figures on his cuirass. These may reflect his relationship with god and goddess.

  5. The east frieze of the parthenon and from Greek is created a ideal procession to repersent their successful civilization. The Ara Paris Augustse from Roman looks similar as the Greek procession, but it is very different. It actually more care about the individuals. The Greek sculpture is only used the low relief, the figures are standing in contrapposto pose and only made numbers of people. The Roman sculpture is used varied of relief that make the closest elements in high relief.They made amount of people including adult and children that just like a whole family momerial stuff. This indicates that the Roman sculpture is more naturilism ans realism than Greek sculpture.

  6. Christina De Rama
    Art 103A- Survey of World Art History

    The droyphorus or canon is similar to the sculpture of Agustus because both sculptures stand in a contrapposto stance,and both structures are ideal figures of that time. They are different because the sculpture of Agustus has more value because he was a patron that was extremely idolized and you can tell he has a leadership role based on his stance and armor which displays his place in the military setting. You can also see that he is of power becaause he holds a stick of weapon beside him. These two structures are also alike because they both have items by their feet and the structure of doryphorus has a pallete or plate which might not signify much but the sculpture of the agustus, he has a cupid which might symbolize that he was decended from venus. Another difference between the two sculptures would be that the doryphorus is an idealized sculpture because this is a depiction of what an "ideal male" should look like and that is depicted through its facial and anatomy details where the agustus is more of a naturalistic type of sculpture because not every detail is perfect in scale.