One of my favorite artists: Max Ginsburg

If you don't know about Max Ginsburg you really should.Not only is he a very nice man he's incredibly accomplished painter. The content of his work for the most part deals with "the human condition," and sometimes the content has a lot to do with Max's own sense of humanity.

You may already know his work, when I was a kid he was the cover artist for "A Separate Peace."

Two years ago the cover was presented for sale, the original cover art for A Separate Peace by John Knowles ... mandatory reading for most of today's high school students. On the left is an edition of the book but "it was not priced as we used it to inform the original painting on display for the cover art of the paper back edition of the book." The painting is $24,000.

If I could be there I would go to see this show in person. I'm sure that seeing the quality of the paint, the texture and the luminosity would add an extra dimension that you don't get from looking at it from reproductions.

The Realities of Our Times, at The Highline Loft Gallery in New York City.

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