Dancing Boy,  oil on canvas panel 11x14 inches by Kenney Mencher 
One of the things that I’m really trying to master is anatomy and gesture. When I was an art student I was taught that content or subject matter was more important than formal elements such as color or anatomy. In the last 10 years I’ve realized that even though my content, homoerotic images of men and women, is valid I felt like I could do more to master the basic construction of the human body.
Some of the things that I was thinking about when working on this painting were specifically the hands and how to draw hands and make them masculine and blocky. The model leash your muscle and people that I’ve known who were that muscular have very strong looking’s been one of the ways that I wanted to exaggerate or increase the look of this was to build up the paint along bony landmarks like the knuckles and where the light built up along the ridge where the bone leads to the thumb. So part of this is the variation of textures well from thin in the darker areas to thicker where light is hitting.

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