$150 Instant Art Collection: Gay Muscle, (1 watercolor and 2 drawings) by Kenney Mencher

Belvedere Torso, 11x14 watercolor and crayon on Rives BFK by Kenney Mencher
Constant Craving,  8 and a half x 11 inches by Kenney Mencher
Where is my man  8 and a half x 11 inches by Kenney Mencher

The drawings are made with an archival artist’s crayon called a litho crayon.   These dense, black crayons are especially designed for sketching directly on a lithographic stone, screen, or grained paper master for lithographic printing. Ideal for drawing on paper as well.  They do not smear very easily.
The watercolor/drawing is made by staining the paper first and then going over it with lithographic crayon.

Each is a standard size frame and you could even find an inexpensive frame in a drug store, photo shop and even here on Etsy.
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