Work by Queer|Art Artists / Guest Artists participating in the Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book & Print Fair (June 1st - July 31st)
What does pride mean to you? I was thinking about this as I watched the aptly named PRIDE, a 6-part doc series for FX that features the work/words of a number of folks in the QA Community (Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Kate Bornstein, Barbara Hammer, Hugh Ryan...). 

In the first episode, Susan Stryker said of Pride, “I would much rather feel a sense of resistance, or rage, or impatience with structural injustices and violence. Let’s hold off on pride until we’ve actually achieved justice.” Maybe, as Mx Justin Vivian Bond puts it in the same episode, “I’ve been joking about it recently, that I was born before there was Pride, back when it was still a deadly sin. And, um, weren’t those times wonderful?”

However we feel about it, I hope you’re able to spend meaningful and/or pleasurable(!) time this month with folks you care about. Maybe making the time and space to do that, if possible, is a proud enough act. 

This month:
  • The Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book & Print Fair (June 1st - July 31st)! 
  • jess pretty in Janessa Clark's Communion (June 3rd - 19th)
  • raja feather kelly's new work, The KILL ONE Race (with Rio Sofia), at Playwrights Horizons (June 4th - 12th) 
  • Natalie Tsui's I Love You, I'm Sorry, Come Here at Flux Factory (June 4th - 6th)
  • Jeffrey Meris in two exhibitions, at Allouche (opens June 5th) and James Cohan (opens June 10th)
  • Keioui Keijaun Thomas' Hands Up, Ass Out, at Participant, Inc. (June 6th) 
  • Angelo Madsen Minax's North By Current at 3 festivals, incl. Tribeca (June 9th-26th)
  • Camilo Godoy performs for Performance Mix Festival (June 11th)
  • For Queer|Art|Pride, Keioui Keijaun Thomas and Candystore perform for Rashid Johnson's Red Stage (June 13th!)
  • Omniscient: Queer Documentation in an Image Culture, curated by Avram Finkelstein, and featuring many in the QA Community, at Leslie Lohman (June 18th)
  • Films by Angelo Madsen Minax / Sasha Wortzel at BAMcinemafest (June 23rd - 29th)
  • Work by Avram Finkelstein / the Silence=Death Collective featured in More Life at David Zwirner (June 24th)
  • The Illustrious Blacks lead a Procession for the River to River Festival (June 25th)
  • Torrey Peters presents Let the Right One In for Queer|Art|Film (June 28th)
  • Queer|Art|Pride Book & Print Fair SHOW ‘N’ TELL (June 29th!)
  • Marco DaSilva in the group exhibition, DAZZLE, at Beverly's (Through July 10th)
Details on these and more accessible June events/announcements below!

—Evan Scott, Newsletter Editor
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June 1st - July 31st
In celebration of Pride Month 2021, Queer|Art is pleased to announce the return of the Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book & Print Fair! Now in its third iteration, the virtual marketplace will be featured on Queer|Art's website from June 1 - July 31, and hosts a record 60+ participating artists. Curated in the spirit of abundance, the Fair features an incredible diversity of works for perusal and purchase, including (but not limited to) artist books, novels, zines, poetry chapbooks, drawings, photographs, watercolors, garments, collages, and prints. 100% of sales directly benefit the participating artists.

Later in the month (June 13th!), don't catch a very special day, presented in partnership with Creative Time, as the winner of Queer|Art’s inaugural Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artist, Keioui Keijaun Thomas will be a featured performer at the Red Stage, a large multifunctional sculpture by Rashid Johnson and commissioned by Creative Time, on display at Astor Place this summer. 2018-2019 QA Fellow Candystore of Pubic Access will be on site throughout the day conducting disarmingly intimate interviews with passersby and generally making a scene.

To round out the month, The Digital Book & Print Fair will be activated once again through our online Show ‘n Tell series (June 29th, 6-7:30pm ET!), where artists read, perform, and otherwise demonstrate the variety of work they have for sale. 

Stay tuned here for our QA Pride dates, times, and more details!
Illuminations Grant for Black
Trans Women Visual Artists
Keijaun Thomas, "I Looked Up at the Sky and I, Imagined All of the Stars Were My Sisters," photo by Charles Rice, 2020
Queer|Art is pleased to accept applications for the second annual Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artists. Developed and named in partnership with Mariette Pathy Allen, Aaryn Lang, and Serena Jara, this $10,000 grant, awarded to draw attention to an existing body of work, sheds light on the under-recognized contributions of Black trans women visual artists and provides critical support to their continuing work. Winning artists will receive additional professional development resources and further guidance to bolster their creative development in the field.  

This year, Mariette Pathy Allen has decided to expand the grant to further recognize finalists for their artistic achievements. Moving forward, Queer|Art is pleased to announce that the grant will provide a $1,250 award to each of four distinguished finalists.

The Illuminations Grant is administered through Queer|Art with a rotating panel of judges, each of whom will conduct a studio visit with the winning artist as part of the award’s focus on supporting creative and professional development. Judges for the 2021 grant cycle include Texas Isaiah, Connie Fleming, and Lyle Ashton Harris

For questions, email Illuminations Grant Manager ray ferreira at

More info and apply here!
Looking through our Resources for Black Liberation page, here's a pick for June:
  • Prepared Herbal Protestor: Herbs and First Aid Tips for Before, During & After Protests -  As we just passed the one year anniversary of the George Floyd uprising, and with the ongoing police murder of Black and brown youth, more and more people may find themselves attending protests with the potential for escalation. Check out this recording of a workshop from the Bay Area Herbal Response Team with some great tips on using herbs for basic first-aid and wellbeing before, during, and after protests.
And, from our Upcoming Deadlines for Artist Opportunities, here are a few of our selections with deadlines in mid/late June:
  • Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival - Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival is the second longest-running LGBTQ+ festival in the world. Late Deadline: June 10, 2021.
  • The Barbara and Carl Zydney Grant for Artists with Disabilities - The program will distribute unrestricted cash grants of $1,000 to artists with a disability who have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. The program is open to visual, media, music, performing, and literary artists who live in NYC. Deadline: June 15, 2021.
  • Hyperallergic Journalism Fellowships for Curators - Curators are invited to submit short proposals for projects they are currently working on for a $5,000 grant that will aid in research, while offering the public a window into their process. Each Fellow will contribute two articles to Hyperallergic, participate in a recorded online event, and produce an email exhibition based on some of the researched material, all within the one-month fellowship period. Deadline: June 30, 2021.
For more, check out Community Resources on our website, including COVID-19 Artist Resources.
Mx Justin Vivian Bond
June 2nd: Tickets on sale!
July 15th-17th: Your Auntie Glam's Midsummer Flutter

Event (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY): A longtime SummerScape favorite, 2011-2012 QAM Mentor Mx Justin Vivian Bond will return this season for three performances of a new concert, Your Auntie Glam's Midsummer Flutter, at Bard College's Fisher Center. Tickets on sale June 2nd! More here

Plus, catch JVB on desert in, a new eight-part miniseries, in which lost souls are found, love is rekindled, and secrets are exposed at a mysterious motor lodge in the American West. Premieres June 3rd on Boston Lyric Opera's More here.
jess pretty
June 3rd - 19th: Communion
Events (NYC): Current QAM Fellow jess pretty is performing in Janessa Clark's Communion, presented by HERE. The work is an experimental video art response to the isolation and uncertainty individuals face in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. It features pairs made from 40 dancers, who co-created duets together, despite the distance between them. jess pretty's collaborative partner was Jessie Young. More on watching them in the theater here, and stream online here.
raja feather kelly 
June 4th - 12th: The KILL ONE Race
Online Event: 2019-2020 QAM Fellow Raja Feather Kelly's new work, The KILL ONE Race, created at Playwrights Horizons during the pandemic, will be released episodically online from June 4th - June 12th. The work treats the theater as a setting for a morbid reality competition show: over seven days of ice-breakers, speed dates, confessionals, sacred rituals, murder plots, and copious dancing, seven contestants (including our very own Programs & Operations Director Rio Sofia!) compete to be proven the most ethical-and earn the singular prize of death. More here.
Natalie Tsui
June 4th - 6th: I Love You, I’m Sorry, Come Here
Exhibition (NYC): I Love You, I’m Sorry, Come Here, a solo exhibition by 2018-2019 QAM Fellow Natalie Tsui, will be presented at Flux Factory from June 4th - June 6th. Using an accidental voice memo of emotional processing with a former partner, Tsui has gathered collaborators to dissect/reenact the conversation. Examining the complexities of personal memory, the multichannel video installation combines footage from the filmed recreations, personal video archives, and documentary footage to explore the limits of documentary film production and the latent ideological drives of the moving image. More here.
Jeffrey Meris
Opens June 5th: Operation Varsity Blues
June 10th - August 13th: Un/Common Proximity

Exhibitions (NYC): Current QAM Fellow Jeffrey Meris will be featured in two exhibitions opening in June: 

Opening June 5th, Allouche Gallery presents Operation Varsity Blues, a group show exploring the structural inequities of the American higher education system through the lens of the recent high-profile college admissions scandal. More forthcoming here.

Then, Un/Common Proximity, a group exhibition at James Cohan Gallery opens June 10th, featuring the works of the 2020-2021 NXTHVN Studio Fellowship artists, including Meris' monumental sculptures and paintings. Check out more here.
Keioui Keijaun Thomas
June 6th - July 18th: Hands Up, Ass Out 
Opening: June 6th, 12-7pm / Livestream: June 8th, 8pm
Video premiere: July 18th (24 hours)

Exhibition (NYC): 2021 QA Illuminations Grant Winner Keioui Keijaun Thomas’ first long-form exhibition, Hands Up, Ass Out, will be held at Participant, Inc. from June 6th to July 18th. The show, curated by Shehab Awab as Executive Care*, is the culmination of a six-year body of work (2014–2020). Amassed from iterations of writing, image-making, performances, and choreographies, the show presents Keioui's journey toward self-affirmed transcendence from the tokenization that exploits and oppresses young, talented, and femme black bodies. More here.
Stacie Passon
Premiering June 6th: Little Birds
Streaming: Little Birds, a 6-episode television series directed by Multi-year QAM Mentor Stacie Passon and inspired by Anaïs Nin's erotic short stories, will premiere in the U.S. on Starz on June 6th. Set in Tangier in 1955, the series follows Lucy Savage (Juno Temple), a young American heiress living abroad. She discovers a world in flux, a country quivering on the cusp of independence, and a provocative dominatrix, Cherifa Lamor (Yumna Marwan), who captures her imagination. More info/watch the trailer here.
Angelo Madsen Minax
June 9th - 26th: North By Current, Tribeca/Frameline/AFI
Film Festivals: Current QAM Mentor Angelo Madsen Minax's film North By Current, will screen at three festivals this month: Tribeca (June 9th-20th, more here), Frameline (June 22nd, more here), and AFI (June 22nd-26th, more forthcoming here). The documentary examines the relationships between mothers and children, truths and myths, losses and gains. It follows Minax, who, after the inconclusive death of his young niece, returns to his rural Michigan hometown determined to make a film about the family's wrongful persecution. More here
Camilo Godoy
June 11th, 8pm ET: Live at Performance Mix Festival 
Performance (NYC): New Dance Alliance's 35th annual Performance Mix Festival will inhabit Movement Research for four days, June 10th-13th. Among the 20 artists featured is 2012-2013 QAM Fellow Camilo Godoy, who will perform in a shared program with Andrew Tay, Jil Guyon, and Rosy Simas. More info and tickets here.
Jacolby Satterwhite
Through June 11th: Birds in Paradise

Online Exhibition: 2011-2012 QAM Fellow Jacolby Satterwhite's 2019 work Birds in Paradise is presented virtually through June 11th by the Hirshhorn for its summer screening series, Lost in Place: Voyages in Video. Satterwhite's work consists of epic imagined worlds inspired by video games, Afrofuturism, and queer theory. Watch the two-channel video here.
Keioui Keijaun Thomas / Candystore

June 13th: Performing at Red Stage
Performance (NYC): Partnering with Creative Time, Queer|Art is pleased to present the winner of Queer|Art’s inaugural Illuminations Grant for Black Trans Women Visual Artist, Keioui Keijuan Thomas as a featured performer at the Red Stage, a large multifunctional sculpture by Rashid Johnson and commissioned by Creative Time, on display at Astor Place this summer. 2018-2019 QAM Fellow Candystore of Pubic Access will be on site throughout the day conducting disarmingly intimate interviews with passersby and generally making a scene. More info here 
Queer Documentation in an Image Culture

Opens June 18th / Curated by Avram Finkelstein 
Exhibition (NYC): The first installation of Multi-year QAM Mentor Avram Finkelstein's exhibition, OMNISCIENT: Queer Documentation in an Image Culture, will be presented at Leslie Lohman beginning June 18th. The exhibition, which centers on the different ways queer people have shaped our image culture through mass media, scholarship, activism, and art, features artists from all over the globe, with many from the Queer|Art community, including Justin Allen, Wells Chandler, Kerry Downey, Angela Dufresne, Joy Episalla, Chitra Ganesh, Camilo Godoy, Deborah Kass, Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe, Russell Perkins, and Pamela Sneed. More here.
Moe Angelos
June 23rd - 25th: I Agree to the Terms
Online Performance: Join Multi-year QAM Mentor Moe Angelos for I Agree To The Terms, a new online performance being developed by The Builders Association in collaboration with a community of “microworkers,” or "mTurks," who train the algorithms that shape our online experience. Check out the trailer here and more info forthcoming here.
Angelo Madsen Minax / Sasha Wortzel
June 23rd - 29th: Films at BAMcinemafest
Film Festivals: Films by Current QAM Mentor Angelo Madsen Minax and 2012-2013 QAM Fellow Sasha Wortzel have been selected to screen at BAMcinemafest. Minax will be screening the new short project, Two Sons and a River of Blood, and Wortzel will be screening the 2019 work, This Is An Address. More here.

Wortzel's film will also screen at the Perez Art Museum in Miami (PAMM) on June 10th, more forthcoming here.
Avram Finkelstein
From June 24th: More Life
Exhibition (NYC): Multi-Year QAM Mentor Avram Finkelstein, a founding member of the Silence=Death Collective, will be participating in More Life, a set of exhibitions at David Zwirner to mark the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the AIDS pandemic. The presentation focuses on the Collective, including never-seen ephemera from Finkelstein's collection of work-product. A discussion with Finkelstein, Joy EpisallaPamela Sneed, and Gregg Bordowitz is forthcoming. More here.

Additionally, a limited-edition silk screen and letterpress print by the Silence=Death Collective, based on the original, pre-ACT UP version of the poster, will be available in the coming weeks through the new David Zwirner website, Platform, with proceeds benefiting Visual AIDS. More forthcoming here.
The Illustrious Blacks
June 25th: Procession

Performance (NYC): For the River to River Festival, The Illustrious Blacks (2015-2016 QAM Fellow Monstah Black & Manchildblack) will lead one of three Processions in Battery Park City (South Cove). The Processions, curated in collaboration with Movement Research, will include a time of transmission from the artist to the participants and an extended time for a procession that can be witnessed by the public. RSVP opens June 1st. More info here.
June 28th, 8pm ET: Torrey Peters & Let the Right One In
Online Event:  Join Queer|Art for the second program in the Summer 2021 season of Queer|Art|Film Club: Queers Are Just Better! This month, curators Adam Baran and 2018-2019 QAM Fellow Jeanne Vaccaro have invited writer Torrey Peters, (whose 2021 novel, Detransition, Baby, was longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction), who will present Let the Right One In.

Peters writes that the film "has meant many different things to me, depending at what point in my life I watched it. It is something like a cipher--a film that reflects back at me my current preoccupations." More info and RSVP here.
Marco DaSilva
Through July 10th: DAZZLE
Exhibition (NYC): 2017-2018 QAM Fellow Marco DaSilva is featured in a group exhibition at Beverly’s, entitled DAZZLE, with Hayley Martell and Sheryl Oppenheim. Artist Frank Popper described the illusion of Op Art as “the effect of dazzle, ambiguous figures and reversible perspective; successive color contrasts and chromatic vibration… and the superimposition of elements in space.” We are now newly creating this dazzling set, this complex theater — where we dream and contort in rhythm, into the illusive roles of who we desire to be together. Summer Hours: Fridays 5-10pm / Saturdays 3-8pm or by appointment. More here.
Hima B.
Cultural Boycott for Palestine
Organizing Work: 2011-2012 QAM Fellow Hima B. would like filmmakers, artists, and cultural producers in the Queer|Art Community to consider taking the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sactions) Cultural Boycott Pledge for Palestine.

Read more about the pledge here.
Liz Collins
Stoneleaf Retreat installation / Inside~Out
Exhibitions: Multi-year QAM Mentor Liz Collins has installed a permanent outdoor installation at Stoneleaf Retreat, as part of their 2021 Residency program. The opening reception at Stoneleaf was held during Art Trek '21 on May 29th/30th, alongside work by Dana Robinson, Liziana Cruz, and Macon Reed. More here. Collins' work can also be seen at Inside~Out, an exhibition of outdoor design curated by Brooklyn-based design studio Kin & Company. Through June 24th, more here.
Ashton Cooper
Writing for Artforum on Xylor Jane
Article: 2016-2017 QAM Fellow Ashton Cooper has written on Xylor Jane for Artforum. She writes, "Geometric abstraction is classically theorized in terms that divorce it from the corporeal... Rather than placing her art into a mind/body binary, the artist instead asks us to think about the act of looking at or making geometric pictures as an experience adjacent to embodied feeling." Read it here.
Avram Finkelstein
In the Future... Jess X. Snow at Playwrights Horizons
Exhibition (NYC): Multi-Year QAM Mentor Avram Finkelstein has co-curated a new work by Jess X. Snow for the Playwrights Horizons Public Art Series. In the Future… is a film installation that engages passersby in envisioning a safe future for Asian American communities. More info here.
Peter Knegt 
CBC Queeries 
Writing: 2013-2014 QAM Fellow Peter Knegt has written about This American Wife, the new Fake Friends production, co-produced by Jeremy O. Harris, for CBC's Queeries. The article, which also interviews Harris, dives into the on-demand series (available through June 6th), a blend of improv/multi-camera comedy filmed at a Long Island mansion in the vein of the Real Housewives franchise. Read it here and watch the series here.
Catherine Opie
Online Presentation: 2017 QA Prize Winner Catherine Opie presents work (seven untitlted photographs that form the 2020 series monument/monumental) and writes on bearing witness for the Cornell Chronicle. She writes, "We often think we take photographs so that in one hundred years someone might be able to look back on them, and I agree that photographs make history, but I'm always thinking about how important photography is as a medium to reflect what is going on right now." More here.
Carrie Moyer / Catherine Opie
Ongoing, through June 6th: Never Done
Exhibition (Saratoga Springs, NY): The Tang Teaching Museum's exhibition, Never Done: 100 Years of Women in Politics and Beyond, takes the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment as a moment for reflection and exploration of the issues and challenges women in the U.S. have faced, and continue to face, in politics and society. Featured artists in the exhibition include 2014-2015 QAM Mentor Carrie Moyer and 2017 QA Prize Winner Catherine Opie. More here.
Liz Collins 
Ongoing, through July 31st: Objects: USA 2020
Exhibition (NYC): Multi-year QAM Mentor Liz Collins' work can be seen in Objects: USA 2020 at R & Company. Objects: USA 2020, is an exhibition and publication that surveys American art through a curated selection of 50 historical works and 50 works by contemporary artists. More on the show and book here.
Chitra Ganesh / Tourmaline
Ongoing, through September 12th: Born in Flames

Exhibition (NYC): 2014-2015 QAM Mentor Chitra Ganesh and Current QAM Mentor Tourmaline are featured in the exhibition, Born in Flames: Feminist Futures, at the Bronx Museum. The exhibition, whose title is borrowed from the 1983 Lizzie Borden film, is a constellation of imagined world-scapes projected by fourteen contemporary artists. Set within the space of an exhibition, the artwork presented is a projection of the artists’ larger visions about futurity. More info here
Carlos Motta 
Ongoing, through September 27th: Off the Record

Exhibition (NYC): Current QAM Mentor Carlos Motta is featured in a group exhibition at the Guggenheim, Off the Record. The show of thirteen artists includes prints, photographs, and paintings that challenge the authority of mainstream documentation and question its role in constructing history. More here, and check out work by Motta in the Guggenheim's collection here.
Carrie Moyer
Ongoing, through February 13th: Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times
Exhibition (NYC): Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times, which originated at the Portland Museum of Art, will be presented at the Museum of Arts and Design. The show explores 2014-2015 QAM Mentor Carrie Moyer and sculptor Sheila Pepe's individual and collaborative works, rich with color and materiality, with themes of craft, feminism, and queer activism. The couple, who have been together for 25 years, have also created a site-specific work for the exhibition, Parlor for the People, that reimagines the religious tradition of the tabernacle as a communal space open to all for the discussion of justice, equality, knowledge, and these “trying times.” More here
Rodrigo Bellott
Now On Demand: Tu Me Manques 

Streaming on demand: Current QAM Mentor Rodrigo Bellott's film Tu Me Manques, is now available on digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, etc.!) in the US. Starring Oscar Martinez and Rossy de Palma, the film follows a man who travels to New York after the suicide of his son, to confront his son’s boyfriend (Fernando Barbosa). Multi-year QAM Mentor Avram Finkelstein was production designer on the film. Check out a review of the film in the New York Times here.
Kate Bornstein / Barbara Hammer
Now Streaming: PRIDE Documentary Series

StreamingPRIDE, a six-part documentary series chronicling the struggle for LGBTQ+ civil rights in America from the 1950s through the 2000s, will premiere its first three episodes on FX/Hulu on May 14th. Among those highlighted in the series are Mx Justin Vivian BondKate BornsteinBarbara Hammer (1939-2019), and Hugh Ryan. Additional interviews and archival footage feature Tammy Baldwin, Ceyenne Doroshow, Flawless Sabrina, Christine Jorgensen, Lester Hunt, Audre Lorde, Bayard Rustin, Susan Stryker, Dean Spade, and Raquel Willis. More info here.
In The Press
Check out recent announcements and interviews from Queer|Art Artists:

Multi-year QAM Mentor Liz Collins is an NYCxDesign Award winner for 2021, winning for her collaboration with Pollack

2011-2012 QAM Fellow Tommy Pico on his 2019 book FEED on WNYC's All Of It

2011-2012 QAM Fellow Harrison David Rivers will adapt E. Lynn Harris' Invisible Life trilogy for HBO

Current QAM Mentor Pamela Sneed named finalist for inaugural Golden & Ruth Harris Commission

2012-2013 QAM Fellow Sasha Wortzel's Dreams of Unknown Islands reviewed in Artforum

Hao Wu's 76 Days (co-directed with Weixi Chen/Anonymous) was nominated for a Peabody Award
Image credits from top: 1. Roberto Tondopó, detail from the TRÁNSITO series 2. Mx Justin Vivian Bond (Photo by Kyle Kupres) 3. Still of jess pretty and Jessie Young in Janessa Clark's Communion, 2020 4. Promotional image for Raja Feather Kelly's The KILL ONE Race, 2021 5. Natalie Tsui, detail of still from I Love You, I'm Sorry, Come Here, 2021 6. Jeffrey Meris (photo by Merik Goma) 7. Keioui Keijaun Thomas, detail of still for Hands Up, Ass Out, 2021 8. Detail of still of Juno Temple in television series Little Birds, directed by Stacie Passon, 2020 9. Detail of still from North By Current, Dir. Madsen Minax, 2020 10. Camilo Godoy, Rehearsal of what did they actually see, 2018-2019 11. Jacolby Satterwhite, detail of still from Birds in Paradise, 2019 12. Keoui Keijaun Thomas, In the Field, WORK (10s, 10s, 10s), My Little Pony beads, No Masters, Buttplug, Ponytail (twerk, bih), 2019 (detail of photo by Andrea Abbatangelo) 13. Camilo Godoy, installation view of Amigxs, 2017 14. The Builders Association, detail of still from I Agree To The Terms, 2021 15. Sasha Wortzel, detail of still from This Is An Address, 2019 16. Work-product from the Silence=Death Collective, courtesy of Avram Finkelstein 17. The Illustrious Blacks (detail of photo by Gregory Kramer) 18. Let the Right One In, Dir. Tomas Alfredson, 2008 19. Flier for DAZZLE at Beverly's 20. Image for the Cultural Boycott Pledge for Palestine 21. Liz Collins, work-in-progress image of work for Stoneleaf Retreat installation, 2021 22. Xylor Jane, Walking to Your House (Counting by Threes), 2020 23. Detail of work by Jess X. Snow for Playwrights Horizons 24. Fake Friends (photo by Nina Goodheart) 25. catherine opie monument/monumental 2020untitled 1-7, 2020 26. Installation view of Never Done, at The Tang Teaching Museum 27. Liz Collins, Frozen textile work in silk, linen, and steel, included in Objects: USA 2020 28. Tourmaline, Coral Hairstreak, 2020 29. Carlos Motta, Brief History of US Interventions in Latin America Since 1946, 2005/14 30. Work by Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe included in the exhibition Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe: Tabernacles for Trying Times 31. Detail of still from Tu Me Manques, Dir. Rodrigo Bellott, 2019 32. Promotional image for PRIDE, an FX documentary series 33. Screenshot from featuring still from 76 Days, Dirs. Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous, 2020
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