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Curated by Rick Davidman and Lisa Lebofsky


Online exclusive with 33 Contemporary Gallery via Artsy

October 15th - December 31st, 2020

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Half the great contemporary art in the world winds up in New York City, while the other half remains scattered around the globe. Many of the greatest artists of recent decades have come to New York as well. Of course, this was when the term “epicenter” was considered a good thing. Now? The air is cleaner and you can hear yourself think, but the energy is lacking and a weighty question hangs: What will come back and how soon? For those of us artists with a physical and/or psychic connection to New York, the unique vibrancy of the city has been a driving force in creativity and community. It often has served as both muse and subject matter. With the future of our city very much on our minds, we thought that this was a perfect time to organize a group show with the center of the universe as its star.


Artwork above: Susan Grossman, "Stopped" 2020, charcoal and pastel on paper

Pamela Talese, "Bloomberg's New York" 2020,16x28 in, oil on linen

Dan Witz: Kenmare and Elizabeth NYC, 2005, 50 ×64 in, oil on canvas

Mary Reilly: Breezy Point 2, 2011, 23.25 ×18.75 in, Graphite on paper





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Melanie Vote: Happy to Serve, 2020, 12x16 in, oil on paper on wood

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