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OLD KINGDOM (c. 2700-2200 B.C.)

DYNASTY III (2700-2630 B.C.)
ZOSER (Djoser, Zozer)Step Pyramid at Saqqara, c. 2680 B.C.
DYNASTY IV (2630-2511 B.C.)
Snefru (Snofru or Snefru or Senefru)Pyramids at Dahshur, c. 2625 B.C.
KHUFU (Cheops)Great Pyramid at Gizeh, c. 2600 B.C.
KHAFRE (Cephren)Second Pyramid at Gizeh, c. 2575 B.C.
Menkaure (Mycerinus)Third Pyramid at Gizeh, c. 2540 B.C.
DYNASTY V (2511-2345 B.C.)Rise of Cult of Ra
DYNASTY VI (2345-2181 B.C.)
Pepi I
PEPI II (2275-2185 B.C.)Construction of Last Pyramids

Step Pyramid of King Zoser
(Djoser)- 2675-2625 BCE
Architect: Imhotep
Saqqara (Lower Egypt)
Made of hard clay, brick, cut stone, limestone








The Serdab is easily missed without a guide, or the presence of other tourists. Should you have to look, walk over the eastern wall of the mortuary temple (to the north of Zoser's pyramid), then look to your right for a stone box with two holes in them.
It is quite eerie to look through one of the holes, suddenly to have Zoser look back at you. The effect is impossible to grasp on photo or film.
Just note that the statue here is not the original, that one is in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


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