Why is customer service so hard to come by especially on the Internet these days?

Every once in a while I get so irritated by how a business or website behaves that I have to complain about it. and Are both sites that advertise spaces for rent. They usually have a minimum of $200 an hour with a 3 hour minimum.
I understood this when I looked at the site however they also came up as a place advertising alternative spaces to have pop-up shows.  Cool!  I thought I'd rent a space for 4 or 5 days and composed a simple but detailed email outlining several scenarios.
 Every single business organization that I've written to through both of those organizations have not bothered to read my email and have sent me back a slew of questions even though I sent them a detailed email asking them for several quotes.
I get the feeling that those organizations that are based in the Bay Area are parasites designed to just basically rob individuals of a couple of hundred bucks since space is at a premium courtesy doesn't have to be.
They won't do anything to help you with the terms of service. It seems like the douche baggery I keep coming across in terms of how businesses operate such as these are basically an epidemic. There is no accountability in terms of how people speak to you and Genuine thought and customer service don't matter.

I guess the reason why this push the button for me in particular is because last week I had trouble closing down one of my online shops on a platform called the .  When I wrote to the customer service I got back clearly canned responses that didn't deal with the questions that I had pitched to the organizations and I guess that's was really kissing me off about this stuff is that they hide behind email and the fact that you can actually call someone on the phone. Sorry if I sound too much like a curmudgeon.

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