Krautheimer, oil on canvas panel 8x10 inches by Kenney Mencher

I’m particularly happy with this painting. The main reason is because the paint texture and the color worked out so well. After spending a day or so on the on the underpainting, I was displeased by the color scheme I had chosen. Originally I had conceived of this as a purple and orange kind of scheme.

After letting the paint dry for couple of days I came back in and reworked this painting by completely re-conceiving of the color scheme. I decided I wanted burnt oranges and a warm gray for the background. The nice thing about having an older dry painting to edit is that sometimes you’re able to build on the texture and the drawing underneath it. In this case I was really able to build the surface of the painting up quite a bit and make it seem very physical. I’m trying to get the brushstrokes to be facet like to describe the planes of the face.

The content of this painting basically expresses my interest and affection for the leather scene.  I’ve always been an admirer of the ultra-masculinity of men who dress in leather. To me they seem a bit like science fiction or superhero characters.

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