How do I get advice on my painting?

It’s really hard to get constructive advice from other people. Something to think about is defining what kind of advice and from whom you would like it from first. For example, are you a realist or abstract? Do you work with figures or landscapes. Is color or texture your thing?

You could find like minded artists in groups like Facebook and or Linkedin and check out their profiles and ask individuals whose work you appreciate, respect or want to be like for advice and or post in these groups and ask for specific advice. I would ask something like, what do you think about the color? What do you think about the anatomy or composition?

You could also find mentors by taking courses at continuing education places like community colleges and community arts centers in which you can ask instructors and or students to check your work out.

Also, sometimes local artists do individual tutoring and if you studies with one you may get the kind of advice you are looking for.

If you would like I would be willing to look at your stuff on-line but I think you should check out my work first too and see if it is for your before you ask.

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