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Manzur Kargar Solo Exhibition 

Manzur Kargar sees the world as it is currently presented in the media - sugarcoated, unreal, dramatic, seductive, frightening, bizarre and glamorous- as our ubiquitous reality. In this world he finds an endless resource of images he can use for his paintings. Based on images he “finds“ in the Internet, he composes objects, scenes or graphic elements in the form of digital collages, which then serve as master illustrations for his paintings on large canvasses. He uses motifs with which we are all familiar, pulls them out of their contexts and puts them into new ones. This creates a sensation of irritation. The viewer can hardly resist the attraction of his hyper-realistic work, painted with elaborate technique in numerous layers.

With the combination of digital and classic art, Kargar’s paintings mark the span of painting from the originated emotional base into the inevitable digital age.

Show Closes THIS SATURDAY March 25th

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