Creative Growth Center 40th Anniversary

A Once-in-40-Years Anniversary Party!
First choice of collaborative prints by celebrated contemporary artists --- food, drinks and live music!

Exhibition Preview and Event:

Creative Growth vs Anne Collier / Trisha Donnelly / Chris Johanson / Nate Lowman / Laura Owens  

A Project for Creative Growth's 40th Anniversary organized by Matthew Higgs

Anne Collier, Trisha Donnelly, Chris Johanson, Nate Lowman and Laura Owens were invited by curator Matthew Higgs to create a new screen print as part of a project to celebrate forty years of Creative Growth Art Center. Creative Growth artists then worked on top of the printed images to create 200 incredible new art works.

This project captures a moment within our forty years of artmaking, when Creative Growth artists have collided with the contemporary art world, while maintaining their unique aesthetic sensibilites and approach. A truly remarkable time to celebrate together!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6:00 - 9:00PM 

Event Ticket Includes:

Exhibition Preview 

Food by DUENDE

Wine by Ordinaire

Live Music by Mattson 2

Ticket Price / $100

Host Committee:
Stephen Beal
Yves BĂ©har +
Sabrina Buell
Renee Bott
Rena Bransten
Anne Collier 

Ed Gilbert 
Matthew Higgs
Leigh Markopoulos

Lauren McIntosh + Stephen Walrod
Pam Paulson

Larry Rinder

To purchase tickets by phone please call:
510-836-2340 x17
or email dan@creativegrowth.org

Artwork: John Hiltunen and Nate Lowman
Untitled, 2014, Collage on serigraph

Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street,
Oakland CA 94612
510-836-2340 x15


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