June 28, 2014

Dark Matters Show Extended to July 3rd!

A three-person show featuring new works from Dave Correia, Caitlin Hackett and Robert Bowen.

A collection of new paintings and drawings chronicling 3 different nightmarish worlds seamlessly interacting with one another amongst their cold colors, distorted anatomy, expressive brush strokes and grotesquely accurate details.

With their inhabitants ranging from demonic and supernatural to mechanic and animalistic, these haunting worlds are created by Dave Correia, Robert Bowen and Caitlin Hackett.

In The Garden, collaborative work by Caitlin Hackett, Dave Correia & Robert Bowen, acrylic on panel, 2014
"Red Tide"
July Show
New solo and collaborative paintings featuring Martin Stensaas and the Oyster Pirates group (Sri Whipple, Jason Wheatley/TiKu, and Christian Michael), as well as new collaborative paintings with Sunny Strasburgand Benjamin Wiemeyer.
RedTidedigital 6
Chimera Progenitor, 2014
These works explore a mythic zone populated by dreamlike animals and figures. The mashup of styles by these artists working together in tag-team fashion evokes a thick, sensual, and morphing atmosphere. Vivid otherworldly colors and glazed luminous shapes congeal into the forms of mythic flora and fauna.

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Artwalk July 10th
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In honor of the Independence Day Holiday the LowerPolk/TL Art Walk will not be on July's 1st Thursday, insead we look forward to seeing you on "2nd Thursday", July 10th from 6-9PM.

Goodbye Dear Friend
Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends ofyellow rose Shell Thomas. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time.

Thank you SF Art Enthusiast!

Big thank you to SF Art Enthusiast's Monique Delaunay for the awesome write up!

"An unmerciful world filled with anatomically distorted creatures fashioned with surreal coloring in astonishingly accurate detail: “Dark Matters” now on view at Bash Contemporary includes new paintings and drawings depicting three unique views of equally horrifying worlds by Bay Area artists Dave Correia, Caitlin Hackett and Robert Bowen. Ranging from demonic and supernatural to the macabre and mechanical articulated creatures, the artworks’ haunting worlds, terrifying creatures made of complete fantasy and myth surprisingly reveal much about our own world and portray a metaphorical means in which many people live and the convoluted relationships with nature exist in the contemporary age." - Monique


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