New Show at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco (Great Stuff!)

CA12X12 and Stephen Lopez solo Show

Opening Saturday March 8th, 7 - 10pm

Gauntlet Gallery
Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109


(Main Gallery)
CA12X12 Show

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California 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 show
California 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 showCalifornia 12x12 show

Opening Reception: Saturday March 8th, 7 - 10PM
We are proud to present Gauntlet Gallery’s Second Annual CA12X12 Show, featuring a compilation of works from 50 different California artists! This exhibition promises to produce a variety of artistic styles, reflecting each artist's personal creative perspective.

The spirit behind this annual event lies in the belief that artists exist in a world free from rules, restrictions or limitations. As such, each contributing artist was given an identical 12”X12” wood panel and asked to simply create. The artists were not confined by the wooden canvas, nor were they assigned a specific theme or concept. Our goal was to provide an open platform for young and emerging artists, granting them free reign to express themselves.

As a result, the CA12X12 Show will feature works that are representative of the next generation of accomplished artists and visionaries. The show comprises a grand array of styles, and we believe these works will surprise, inspire and encourage viewers to recognize the ability to break free from restrictions and limitations in our everyday lives.

(Bayside Space)
CANTARA - steven Lopez Solo Show

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Steven Lopez Solo Show

Opening Reception: Saturday March 8th, 7 - 10PM
How does an artist create works the express the multitude of human emotions? How does one showcase fear, courage or deceit? Steven Lopez, a Los Angeles-based artist, explores some of these central themes in his latest exhibit, CANTARA, opening this Saturday, March 7th, at Gauntlet Gallery.

In this latest series, Lopez seeks to discover the possibilities of utilizing wildlife as a stage for human interpretation. His works ask viewers to consider the collaborative potential inherent in creating hybrid species, focusing particular attention on the female form. CANTARA represents Lopez’ artistic endeavor to challenge himself to present different manifestations from a central theme.

In so doing, these works reflect the artist’s contextual engagement with his protagonists. Using a variety of dynamic colors, Lopez explores his own calm and protective nature, as well as his volatile relationships with his subjects, producing pieces that are powerfully vibrant yet complementary.

The result is a series of works that articulate the very essence of the creative process. What challenges lie at the core of our creativity? What power do we gain by producing expressive works? We hope you will engage in the experience that CANTARA seeks to inspire.



An Exhibition Curated by Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland Group Show

Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109 // 415.590.2303

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