Blew the Exam? Now what do I do?

Okay!  I just finished grading the first midterm in art history.  Aside from the fact that there were many failures, studenst who participated in class who I thought would earn a B still got C’s.  Here’s what I was thinking!

I noticed a pattern!  
Watch this video first then read the stuff below!

A bunch of C students got C’s because,

  • Missed more than two classes.
  • They counted on the fact that they had great memories and would score well on the essays.
  • They didn’t make flashcards and lost half the points on the exam by not memorizing names dates and period styles. (Solution: Make and study flashcards.)
  • They didn’t know what the periods and styles were. (Solution: make a timeline)
  • They didn’t look at a map to understand geography. Didn’t know that Italy is a different country than Greece or thought Flanders or the Netherlands were in Italy.

Some C students were great on identifications but bombed the essays.  Why?

  • They didn’t do all the readings.
  • Missed several classes. 
  • Didn’t watch each of the videos two or three times.
  • They last minute crammed.

Students who got F’s probably didn’t:

  • Fill out the study guides.
  • Missed classes or came in late.
  • Sat in the back of the room and spaced out.
  • Didn’t do the readings or watch the videos.
  • Didn’t check out what they knew or what they thought they knew by discussing it with other students.
  • Didn't participate or fell  asleep during lecture.
Watch this video to see what you can do to fix the problem:

Some great videos on how to study.  I think there were some valuable nuggets in these videos but I think only the students who already know how to study will watch them all:

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