Opening Reception: "Taking Flight: The Paintings of Karen Mason" March 7, 6-8pm

Opening Reception: "Taking Flight: The Paintings of Karen Mason" March 7, 6-8pm

Karen Mason
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The Paintings of Karen Mason
ACCI Gallery
March 7 – March 28, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, March 7, 6-8pm
Music by guitarist Lee Waterman &
Saxophone player Melecio Magdaluyo
“Taking Flight"
An exhibition that invites the viewer to experience the drama and grace of raptors and shore birds as they maneuver through their world.

Karen Mason expresses a unique contemporary flair in her “Taking Flight” series through the combination of bold lines, vibrant texture and luminous atmosphere. The effect she achieves in her oil paintings is influenced by her study of watercolor washes and glazing techniques.
Birds seem all knowing as they twist and turn their heads, absorbing the vocal world around them. In the midst of which they seem fully engaged – abruptly jumping, twisting, and plunging from the security of a tree branch, with no notice or particular reason. Others demonstrate skill and grace in pushing off terra firma into the open sky, seeking a target to land and encompass with their talons. Meanwhile, shore birds appear so independent and unconcerned until one glimpses something of interest. Quickly all others mimic the move, rapidly diving into competitive unison. Mason captures such moments in her “Taking Flight” series with a distinctive palette and open spaces, allowing the viewer to focus in on the subject, its movements in flight, soaring pelicans and shore birds to raptors in continuous motion.

ACCI Gallery
1652 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
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Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday 12-5pm
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