Fantasy Faire Group Show Opens @ Bash Contemporary (I like the work in this show.)

BashBlackwWhite Anemone2
Alexandra Manukyan
The progression of Alexandra's work in images.
Stage-1 copy 3
Stage 1

Stage-2 copy
Stage 2

Stage-3 copy
Stage 3

Stage-4 copy 2
Stage 4

Stage-5 copy
Stage 5

Stage-6 copy
Stage 6

Stage Final_Dead-Refrain copy
A Dead Refrain

Bash Contemporary Artists:
Robert Bowen
Marc Burckhardt
Dave Correia
Graham Curran
Larkin Cypher
Bob Dob
Joshua Harker
Gale Hart
Ian Huebert
Larissa Kulik
Alexandra Manukyan
Nathan Ota

Ransom & Mitchell
Lee Harvey Roswell
David Stoupakis
Christopher Ulrich
Danny van Ryswyk
Stefanie Vega
Sandra Yagi
Fantasy Faire
November Group Show Opens

The carousel circles round and round, as the various painted animals rise up and down, up and down. The lights, the music, the colors, the sounds all pass in a swirl before your eyes. Soon the glare of it all blurs and you're swirled off into a land of fantasy and faire.

Fantasy Fair at Bash Contemporary features a group show of artist's who have taken that carousel ride and come back with visions to share. Each artist in the show presents to us his or her own fantasy faire having ridden the painted pony of the imagination.

View the visions brought back from their individual journeys as Sandray Yagi, Larkin Cypher, Alexandra Manukyan and Graham Curran take you on their self-guided tour.

Stop by the gallery for the Artist Reception this Friday, November 15th and get a chance to chat with the artists.

Show opens November 13
Artist Reception
November 15th | 6-9PM
Closes December 21st

Sandra Yagi featured on MedinArt
"where medicine and art combine"
Check out this great collection of Sandy's work on

About MEDinART

MEDinART is a global land for artists that communicate, through their art, aspects of biomedical sciences.

The main goal of MEDinART is to highlight biomedical issues through different forms of art, connect med-inspired artists, educate the general public and trigger biomedical scientists to communicate scientific issues using inspiring and innovative ways.

The Feeding
Sandra Yagi, 2013

Contemporary culture, human folly and a curiosity for the macabre provide the fuel for my subject matter. My work is often a combination of imagery that is drawn from modern symbols and icons merged with mythology, religion and science. I often borrow from the religious imagery of the old masters, as well as inspiration from the anatomical studies of such greats as Andreas Vesalius, Albinus and George Stubbs. - Sandra Yagi
Graham Curran

Cargo 2
As an artist I want to convey a message to the viewer through selected imagery, invoking any sort of response is my objective. My subject matter always changes depending on what I find fascinating, frustrating or beautiful in the world. My goal is to evolve my art, to never become stagnant. - Graham Curran
Larkin Cypher


Larkin summons the creatures of land, sea, air and imagination to populate the tenebrous landscape of the mind’s deepest craters and outer reaches.  Chimeras, Gorgons, deities, rabbits, and other creatures combine with human elements to inhabit a world of dreams and nightmares.  Personally symbolic and infused with dark whimsy, his creations frighten and delight. He works in mixed media, combining acrylic painting with sculptural inclusions, found objects, and fiber techniques.  His two dimensional works are complemented by borders of crocheted materials worked around or into the surface of each piece.  His style amalgamates surreal peculiarity with Victorian aesthetics.

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