A totally fantastic art world read!


Is one of the best and most satisfying reads about the art world and the workings of an art world almost all artists dream about being in but don't really get to be in.  If you get a chance I think this positive spirited book is really worth a read!

Here's what Ganek's website says about the book:
Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him From her sleek perch behind the gallery desk, Mia McMurray has the perfect view of the entitlement, attitude, and glamour that slide through the plate-glass door of the Simon Pryce Gallery in New York City's artsy Chelsea neighborhood. In an instant, she can tell who's come to buy and who's just looking. Mia is at her post when painter Jeffrey Finelli is run over by a cab in front of the gallery the night of his first opening. Suddenly the art world's elite are falling all over themselves for a piece of the instantly-in-demand work by the late artist. At the center of his only show is an enormous painting, Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, which becomes the object of frenzied desire

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