Monday April 2- Tuesday April 17th
All entries due to the gallery in the Smith Center
Tuesday March 27th,   12:30 PM – 6:30PM
(Entry forms will be available in the gallery the day of drop off.)

Not–Selected Will be Hung in the Student Center Art Gallery (Dan Archer Gallery)

Award Ceremony
Room: 3201
Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Show Reception
Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Time: 7:00-8pm in the Art Gallery in the Smith Center

Pick up Work/Show Ends  Tuesday April 17th
Works not picked up will be set outside locked gallery doors. Gallery is not responsible for any abandoned artworks.

Entry Requirements and Categories
You may enter only works made in Ohlone College art or design classes, during the past 12 months.    
You may enter a maximum of 5 pieces total for the entire show.  You may enter a maximum of  2 works in each category  Works do not need to be framed or matted. No fee for entry.

1.      Painting (ART-111A&B Painting – Color and Composition, Art 112 Watercolor)

2.      Drawing (Art 106A&B, Art 107A&B Life Drawing,  Art 108 Perspective Drawing,

3.      Interior Design (ART-150A Interior Design Concepts, ART-150B Interior Design, ART-151 Visualization and Presentation, ART-154 Contemporary Home Design, ART-155A Architectural Drafting for Interior Design, ART-155B CAD for Interior Design, ART-156 Architectural Modelmaking for Interior Design, ART-158 Textiles, ART-159A Applied Design: Residential Lighting, ART-159B Applied Design: Color for the Home)

4.      Photo (ART-133A Black and White Photography, ART-133B Intermediate Black and White Photography, ART-133C Advanced Black and White Photography ART-134A Basic Color Photography ART-134B Advanced Color Photography, ART-139A Digital Photography, ART-139B Intermediate Digital Photography, ART-145 Digital Photojournalism,)

5.      Graphic Design,( Art 104A, ART-104C Color, ART-109A Beginning Graphic Design I, Letter Forms and Typography) ART-109B Beginning Graphic Design II, ART-110A Advanced Graphic Design I, ART-110B Advanced Graphic Design II,

6.      Computer Graphics (ART-160A Computer Graphics I ART-160B Computer Graphics II, ART-161A Digital Graphics I, ART-161B Digital Graphics II,)

7.      Art Historical References (Any work that is based on an art historical source.  This can be from any class.)

8.      Sculpture and 3D Design (ART-104B 3D Design, ART-116A Basic Sculpture, ART-116B Advanced Sculpture, ART-116C Sculpture and Beyond, ART-119A 3D Studio Lab, ART-119B Intermediate 3D Studio Lab, ART-119C Advanced 3D Studio Lab, )

9.      Ceramics (ART-121A Introductory Ceramics I, ART-121B Introductory Ceramics II, ART-122A Ceramic Throwing I, ART-122B Ceramic Throwing II, ART-123 Ceramic Decorating, ART-124 Advanced Ceramic Decorating)

10.   Glass (ART-105A Glass Art and Design, ART-105B Advanced Glass Fabrication ART-105C 3D Glass,)

Prof. Kenney Mencher
Department of Art and Art History
Director Louie Meager Art Gallery
Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, California 94539

Phone: (510) 979-7916

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