Art 103B Who are the Masons?

One of my students (Gretchen)  asked a question in class.  I didn't know the answer so then she did research and sent me what she found out!  (It doesn't get better for a teacher then this!)

I asked a question in class about Freemason symbolism in art. I did a little research and it seems the first grouping of masonic lodges into a "Grand Lodge" was 1717. Before that there is a poem dating back to 1390 that refers to the Masons. Current day Masons don't know when it began... but traditionally it started with the building of King Solomon's Temple. Afterward the masons that built it where executed so the secrets would die with them... some escaped. Here is a website: http://www.masonic-lodge-of-education.com/freemasons.html
FREEMASONS - A Fraternal Brotherhood of Builders of Moral and Spiritual Values
What do Freemasons do? It's not a Masonic secret.

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