Semi Nude Muscular Young Man, 9x12 inches watercolor on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher (Torso of a young muscular gay man in pastel colors)

This watercolor of a young muscular twink is cropped at the waist and depicts the human body in motion. An important component of the work I make is an attempt to create an interesting composition by cropping the figure and working with the edges of the picture plane to create an asymmetrical and interesting composition.

This work is painted by first sketching out the figure with a lithographic crayon and then applying successive layers of watercolor over the crayon to create shading and color.

The palette of colors in this watercolor are what are considered to be "nonlocal colors" which is a technique that is taken from impressionistic painting in which the shadows are often in colors that you don't expect them to be. For example, the darker shade in this is depicted in blues, which are considered cooler colors because blues associated with water. While the skin tone is a more naturalistic orange and pink. This is also referred to as a complementary color scheme.

The paper that this is painted on is called Rives BFK, which is a type of heavy cotton printmaking paper that won't degrade over time and should hold the color really well for at least fifty to one hundred years without fading, especially if this is framed behind glass.

The size is a standard US frame size and can be framed inexpensively.  Try buying a frame on the net.

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