Middle Aged Bear Getting Undressed in a Locker Room, 11x14 inch crayon on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher (nude middle aged man)

 Middle Aged Bear Getting Undressed in a Locker Room, 11x14 inch crayon on cotton paper by Kenney Mencher  (nude middle aged man)

I don't think there is enough art that honors the beauty of the human being at later stages in one's life.  A large part of the gay communities experience is one in which as men age they often become excluded or marginalized because a lot of our world is based in celebrating young beautiful bodies such as the muscular twink.

With this drawing I'm making a sort of "genre scene." (A genre scene is a depiction of everyday life and experience.  Genre scenes were first painted and drawn during the Baroque period by artists such as Rembrandt.) However, in this case I wanted to make a sympathetic, if not erotic portrait in which we get a sneak peak at the beauty of a middle aged male.

Figure drawing and anatomy is one of my favorite things to draw.   Drawings allow me to indulge in whatever subjects I like without to much time and art materials. In this way I can experiment too.  Often if the drawing is successful (and is kind of sexy too, I'll use the drawing as a plan or "study" to make an oil painting or a watercolor later on.  

Other things I like to explore in my drawings are making marks and shading.  I like for the marks to be the same as my brushwork.  The marks are designed to emphasize the directions of the planes and emphasize the volumes.  

I draw with lithographic crayons which are time tested for stability and permanence. They are also much sturdier than drawing with charcoal because they will not smudge or smear while being handled or mailed. The paper that this is painted on is called Rives BFK, which is a type of heavy cotton printmaking paper that won't degrade over time and should hold the color really well for at least fifty to one hundred years without fading, especially if this is framed behind glass. 

Warning these are the only sites authorized to sell my art:

The size is a standard US frame size and can be framed inexpensively.  Try buying a frame on the net.

I try to make really well crafted work about the human figure and the human condition. I focus on the kind of beauty for both men and women that is "non-standard." 

I'm a voyeur who appreciates the beauty in all people, especially the unusual or non-standard variety.

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