Feb 15, 2022, Everything you need to learn about the business of art is and should be free!

 Everything you need to learn about the business of art is and should be free.

·        My course and why it's free and why no one finishes it. (The anatomy course I’m taking.)

·        https://www.udemy.com/course/business-for-fine-artists-how-to-market-sell-and-ship/

·        My Youtube channel (No ads on my channel.)


Why do I do this?

·        I have to, I'm a former professor of art. 

·        I want to make friends and connections.

·        Connect with me! Send me an email, connect on Facebook, send me a message through the comments or another way.

·        Maybe we can help each other.

·        I increase my reputation and maybe you'll talk about me or even buy a painting.

·        Some people buy my art history course too.


Four Tracks

NYC Ground Zero Artists (High Big Money)

·        MET, Whitney, Marlborough, Gagosian, Zwirner,

·        Art Basel

·        Established Value through Secondary Market

·        Main traits: Highly social and connected by impresarios and gallerists.  Usually on track in graduate school.  On track to "star status" by mid 20s to 30s

·        Very small success rate 4%


The Art Market is a Scam (And Rich People Run It)

Wendover Productions





Satellite Art Communities (150K to $0.00) (Possibly millionaire artists too)

·        Clusters of Galleries, Art Centers, in Different Areas of NY, Different Cities, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Dallas etc. Community Art Centers

·        Sometimes art buyers and consultants will act as agents.

·        Sometimes art value is established through secondary art market.

·        Some social media, some independent marketing, a reliance on the gallery to do the leg work.

·        Gallery takes 50 to 70%


Independent Artists (150K to $0.00) (Possibly millionaire artists too)

·        Social Media, Facebook, Home Studio, create their own venues.

·        Art Fairs, Etsy, Saatchi, Shopify

·        Sometimes also sells prints




Beware of pay to play gurus. Different types of gurus, consultants, teachers.

·        Teachers but check out their careers.

·        Art Gurus make money by creating a pay wall like the NYT

·        Dangle Info then you need to “pay to play.”

·        There are at least 10 -20 on Youtube who pay for ads and sneak into feeds

·        Harry $6000

·        Magnus $1000

·        Anne Ray $1000 or more

·        Barney

·        Brainard $1000 or more subscription

·        Friends and other artists are the best sources.

Brenden Sanborn

Benjamine Lester

David Tomb


·        Youtube Videos and Podcasts

·        Books about marketing.

The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

by Gladwell, Malcolm


Taking the Leap Building A Career as A Visual Artist: the Insider's Guide to Exhibiting and Selling your Art

by Lang, Cay




















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