Instagram deletes trans teen's inspiring artwork for violating guidelines

'It is really important to me that these pieces get shared with other LGBTI people'

Instagram deletes trans teen's inspiring artwork for violating guidelines
'Bittersweet' by Jasper Behrends
18-year-old Jasper Behrends woke up this morning (22 July) to see his artwork on trans identity deleted from Instagram.
Just last week, Gay Star News interviewed Behrends about a viral post he made.
In it, he explains his teacher didn’t think his artwork was appropriate for school, but he did it anyway and won a top award.
And now it seems like Instagram has a problem with it too.
Behrends told Gay Star News: ‘People just saw the boobs and the one piece of the child taking scissors to his penis and reported it as inappropriate.
‘[They] said they took down my post because it did not follow the Instagram guidelines and then I went to my profile and it had been taken down,’ he said.
He posted the news to his Twitter and Instagram accounts, calling for a proper explanation from Instagram.
He tweeted: ‘Why are so many people against trans art?’
Behrends also took to his Instagram story to send an urgent call out to haters.
He said: ‘Fuck Instagram, I’m reposting it all later.’
He also posted this message to his story:
When asked if he will continue doing provocative art on gender and sexuality, Behrends replied: ‘I will definitely keep creating queer art. It’s literally the only type of art I truly enjoy doing.
‘Art is just materialized passion, and my passions stand with the queer community,’ he said.
To see the full portfolio, go to Jasper Behrends’ website or Instagram.

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