Why you shouldn't take my art marketing course. ($20.00 but don't waste the money.)

I'm gonna start by telling you why you shouldn't take my art marketing class, but I'll put some of my paintings in to prove to you that I'm a decent artist.

Learning about marketing and how to use your computer is kind of boring even though I'm pretty good at presenting stuff in video form.

You have to put in a ton of time and work watching videos to learn how to do it.

I could paint 8-10 hours a day if I could afford to have someone do all the work that marketing takes to sell my work. I won't make you rich. Maybe you will make a living. I worked as a college professor for 25 years before I resigned/retired at the age of 51 to paint full time. I have a retirement plan and investments so I'm okay if I don't earn a ton of money, but I worked really hard first and saved like crazy so that I can really focus on painting and having time to do the marketing.

I'm not a millionaire but I've begun to make 30K a year in profit from the sale of my work and that was part time. Now I'm working full time and it looks like it may be up already a couple of thousand so it seems like I sell more art when I market more. I also think that it's possible my work got better in the last year and that maybe why I'm selling more.

I've designed a course that covers everything I've been doing to sell my work, however, I do believe that no amount of marketing will make up for bad art and so you may want to learn how to make really good art first before you try to sell your stuff.

Also, marketing takes about two to five hours a day of really hard sometimes boring computer, phone, and social media work. So that's tough too.

At the end of my course, students will be able to, identify different venues to sell artwork, including Internet sites and brick-and-mortar establishments such as art galleries and coffee shops. Students will also be able to photograph and edit their artwork. Students will also be able to generate catalogs using Adobe Photoshop quickly and easily and submit these catalogs to clients and art galleries. Students will be able to use social networking sites such as, Facebook,Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, to establish a reputation and market their artwork. Students will also learn how to create a blog with Google blogs and will learn how to create and generate content for the blog that pertains to their personal life as an artist, interesting content that reflects well on themselves, and of course spotlight their artwork.

The type of person who should take this course can either be an artist who wishes to market their artwork by themselves and learn to use marketing techniques to promote and sell their own artwork. However, this course would also be of equal value to a friend or family member or even someone looking to establish a business as an art marketing guru. Another type of individual who could benefit from this course could be someone who owns a gallery, is thinking about establishing a gallery, or wants to open up a virtual gallery site and market other people's artwork.

Students should have at least 12 good works of art to sell, a computer, a smartphone and access to the internet. A single lense reflex camera is nice but a smart phone will do the trick. A copy of any version of Adobe Photoshop is a plus and you can dowmarnload an older version for free from Adobe. A Paypal account is useful and you may want to set up an account before you begin the course.

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