Instant Graphic Novel Collection (2 watercolors & a 50 page comic book, and postcard) by Kenney Mencher $150.00

Instant Graphic Novel Collection 
(2 watercolors & a 50 page comic book, and postcard) by Kenney Mencher  

  • Includes The Signed Original Art Work Shown Here
  • Graphic Novel (Signed and numbered edition) 
  • Exhibition Post Card

These are made with an archival artist's crayon called a litho crayon and black watercolor. These dense, black crayons are especially designed for sketching directly on a lithographic stone, screen, or grained paper master for lithographic printing. Ideal for drawing on paper as well. They do not smear very easily.

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Summer Exhibitions at the Grand
Posted: May 11, 2016
Location: Tracy, Calif.

Tracy, Calif. – The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts presents "The Convict and a Boy" – A Graphic Novel by Kenney Mencher.

On display from May 28th through July 16th, 2016, in the GWF Energy 

The Convict and a Boy presents paintings by Bay-Area artist, Kenney Mencher. This unique and immersive exhibition will fill the Energy Gallery with numerous original works created for the publication of a graphic novel. The story features two characters, a young boy and a middle-aged convict/business man, who travel though a series of surreal landscapes on a meaningful journey.

Mencher explains, “These two linked characters – a boy and a business man-turned convict – move through surreal places such as mazes, submarines and outer space. The entire project is told without dialog or the thought bubbles common to comic books. Instead the viewer is allowed to use their imagination to interpret the meaning of the story in a variety of ways.”

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