Camille Claudel 1896

Auguste Rodin 
Head of Mademoiselle Camille Claudel, plaster

Camille Claudel: The Age of Maturity (L'age mur),
Musee D'Orsay, Paris.


The Prayer (Psalm)
The Waltz
Little Girl with Doves
The Implorer
The Flute Player (The Little Siren)
Age 25Age 27-29Age 34Age 36Age 40
A short break-up with Rodin. This piece is close to Rodin's Thought, but shows a figure directed outward, in fact beckoning, not inward and pensive. NoteSakuntala (spelled several different ways) in plaster the year before, perhaps contemporaneous with Rodin's The Eternal Idoland influencing it.Back with Rodin in 1891, breaks again in 1893. Note after the break, the supremely ugly Clotho, 1893. Satire drawings of Rodin and Rose Beuret, 1892. First maquette ofMaturity, 1894, symbolizing the love triangle and depicting Rose Beuret as a death figure.Final break with Rodin.Variation on detail fromMaturity, symbolizing the 1898 final break, which is itself related to God Flown Away from the 1894 break.Penultimate sculpture before "persecution mania"; note 1902 Perseus and the Gorgonis the last angry reference to Rose Beuret. Final work isWoman Kneeling before a Hearth, which shows resignation.
Rodin sculpts Camille asThe KissThe Eternal Idoland The Sculptor and His Muse; has already sculpted Camille inEternal Springtime in 1884, and as L'Aurore in 1885, Danaid and The Thought, 1886.Rodin sculpts Camille asThe FarewellThe Convalescent, and The Head of Camille Claudel.Rodin sculpts Rose Beuret.Rodin again uses Camille's face in La France, 1904, and possibly in Pain: Remembrance of Eleonora Duse.

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