Future Land, 16x20 inches oil on canvas panel by Kenney Mencher

8/10/15 AM

In this painting, I was trying to do a couple of things in terms of  how it was painted, what it means to me and what it might mean to other people especially at this point in time when were all looking forward to the future. The half glass of water is kind of a metaphor for how we can see things is either half-empty or half-full and the rocketship and the age of the boy is kind of about  the legacy that we leave behind.

I try to paint it kind of tangibly. I'm talking about is I first put down a layer of acrylic paint and painted the rocketship and some other things including the sky,  and then after a day or two I did a drawing on top of that of a little boy and I attempted to figure out how to make the paint in oil thicker with thicker impostos on top of it.I wanted the paint to almost be like a skin and the paint that was thicker was something that was hit with more light and a little bit closer  and the thinner paint is supposed to feel as if it's further away and less textured.

Here's the step-by-step of the painting as it progressed.

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