All of My Art History Videos (Closed Captions)



13th to 14th C Perspective St Francis Cimabue and Giotto cc 14th C Transitions into Late Gothic to Proto Renaissance Art cc 15th C Brunelleschi and Florence Cathedral cc

Cantor Center 7 cc
15th C Ghiberti and the Gates of Paradise of Florence Cathedral cc

16th C Printmaking The Reformation Durer Cranach and Holbein cc 16th C The Redesign of St Peters During the Renaissance by Bramante and Michelangelo cc 16th C Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling cc

Last-Judgment- Scenes 16th C Michelangelo and the Birth of Mannerism in Architecture at San Lorenzo cc

Video: Rembrandt

17th C Baroque Art Vermeer cc

18th C French Baroque and Rococo Art cc


19th C Realism in Part 1 Daumier Courbet cc
19th C Impressionism Monet cc

20th C Expressionism Klimt Munch Kirchner cc

20th C Picasso cc
20th C Pop Art Rauschenberg Warhol Oldenburg Johns cc


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