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May Classes
1 Still Life Drawing 
Learning to draw objectively is a challenge as the mind gets lazy; this class will teach fundamental drawing methods to create strong skills in close study, training you to observe truthfully and accurately. We will investigate single and cross contour, implied line, tonal values and shading, and develop accurate perspective and relationship measurement, to successfully translate three dimensional subjects into two dimensional drawings. You will be encouraged to keep sketchbooks using thumbnails and gathered materials as well as constant practice drawings. Come and learn to trust your eyes and have fun!!! Instructor: SUSIE WILSON* Level: All  Offered: 6 Tues. starting May 7, Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm Fee: $145/ $125 Members.

2a.Traditional Figure Drawing* - Wednesday
Drawing the human figure is acknowledged to be the best foundation for learning the process of really seeing small details and acquiring perspective and measurement skills to benefit all future artistic endeavours. In this traditional drawing class, you will be encouraged to explore gesture, shape, tone, balance, perspective, and measurement as the means of producing accurate and confident drawings from a life model. By learning to draw realistically you will be empowered to draw creatively, with energy and CONFIDENCE.This class is suited to all levels. For the emerging artist, it will encourage guided exploration, using charcoal, pencil or conte, but it will also offer an opportunity for artists of all abilities to hone existing skills with instruction at any level they might require. Offered: 6 Wednesdays. beginning May 8,  Time:12:30- 3:00pm, Class Fee: $145/ $125 Members, Model Fee: $46 at 1st class Instructor:  SUSIE WILSON* Susie has a BA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Norfolk Institute of Art and Design (UK),  a degree in Illustration and an HNDBTEC degree in Education, also in the UK. . She taught Life Drawing at the Norfolk Institute and was a college lecturer in the subject at the Norwich School of Art. Since arriving in America she has taught private and group classes for approximately 20 years, and has participated in Open Studios.
2b.Traditional Figure Drawing* - Thursday
Same as the class above. Offered: 6 Thursdays. beginning May  Time:10:00- 12:00pm, Class Fee: $145/ $125 Members, Model Fee: $40 at 1st class Instructor:  SUSIE WILSON*
3.  FAT OVER LEAN: The art of mixed media layering
Experience the infinite possibilities of paper, paint and found materials while creating a series of small ready to hang, mixed-media artworks. The goals of these workshops are to experiment with different techniques, layer them properly and have a good time. Part color theory class, part exposure to fresh ideas about composition with emphasis on creativity, how to loosen up and break the rules. Combing, scribing, rubbings, stencils, stickers, stamping, whitewashes, transfers, gold leaf, rust, glazing, tinting and even smoke are finding their way into FINE ART and we will play with them all.  Students are encouraged to bring black & white photocopies (not color, but we will hand tint) of your favorite photographs to use as your personal images in creating your art. Using photos that you have taken will make your finished work more unique and original to you. Feel free to bring any materials you have questions about or would like to use. All levels are welcome.  6 Weds, beginning May 8th TIME: 3:30-5:30  FEE: $145 / $125 members, $10 materials fee.  Instructor: DEE HOOKER is a full time professional artist, co-director of ART FOR ART and a 25 year Open Studio participant. 
4a.  Painting Workshop
Acrylic and Oil, all levels of experience welcome. Learn the principles that will make your paintings come to life in a workshop filled with enthusiastic coaching.  Using still life, discover what really matters and how to analyze and fix problems as they arise.  Watch your work take on a new vibrancy and light. Level:  All  Offered: 6 Weds. starting May 8, Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Fee: $145 / $125 Members.  Instructor:  W. DOWNEY DYER*. a full time professional artist with over 20 years experience as a gallery and frame shop owner, Bill studied 8 years privately with foremost impressionist Don Hatfield; an Open Studio artist who has exhibited widely.
4b.  Painting Workshop  
Same class as above in Acrylic and Oil. Levels: All,  Offered: 6 Fridays. starting May 10, Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm Fee: $145 / $125 Members. Instructor: W. DOWNEY DYER
5.  Watercolor
Six weeks of botanical only. A mini - portfolio will be created to include 12 paintings of fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves and root systems. Participants are encouraged to use only arches 140 or 300 lb paper. Levels: All  Offered: 6 Thurs. beginning May 9  Time:1:00- 4:00pm Fee:$145 / $125 -Members Instructor:  LINDA LORD is a self-trained artist and illustrator with over 16  years teaching experience in her studio and via the SC Watercolor Society; an Open Studio artist whose exhibits include Cozumel, Mexico. Linda also publishes with a decorative art publisher.

6. Pastel Studio
Loosen up and have fun with pastels! Various pastel approaches, surface possibilities, color choices, light and shadow, layering and underpainting will be covered. Participants may work from their own reference materials or still life set ups. This is a supportive class with individual attention and problem solving, demos, and critiques. The emphasis is on developing a personal style and handling of this versatile and vibrant medium.  Level: All Offered: 6 Fri., on  May 10, 31, June 7, 14, 21, 28,  Time: 9:30am to 12:30 pm  Fee: $145 / $125 Members  Instructor:  JOAN HELLENTHAL  BA Fine Art Brown University, MA Fine Art SJSU; CA  credentialed art instructor, painter and mixed media artist who exhibits in many private and corporate collections inc. MAH, UCSC and Open Studios.
Weekend Workshops Classes
7. Collage - The Natural Way
This workshop will let students learn to create a series of unique collages inspired by nature and its elements. Working with a limited palette and paste, layering elements and composition will be focused on.  Distressing papers and ideas on creating a body of work will be discussed.  Instructor demonstrations and lots of individual attention provided. Bring a sack lunch! Offered: April 6 & 7. Levels: All,  Time: 10 - 4:00, Fee: $150 / $130 Members, Materials Fee: $15. 1st day of class. Instructor ROBERTA LEE WOODS. Roberta has a B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute, College of Art, and an M.A. from CSU, Chico. She is a long term Santa Cruz Open Studio artist and has been teaching collage and mixed media in California for over 20 years.
8. Color and Light Intensive
Explore color and light! This class will guide you through a series of simple steps that will expand your range of color expressiveness and help improve your powers of observation. We will use strongly-lit studio set-ups to discover the sensuous nuances of color in light and shadow. Medium: Oil or Acrylic Offered: April 20 & 21 Time: 10-4:00  Fee: $150 / $130 Members. Level: All Instructor: STANLEY GOLDSTEIN an established Bay Area painter who shows nationally, including New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with works in the permanent collections of the Fine arts Museums of San Francisco and Santa Clara's Triton Museum. He has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, SF City College extension, California Academy of Sciences, Idyllwild Arts, and many workshops and privates classes.
9.  Catching the Light with Pastel
Explore light in the landscape with dry pastels in this class suitable for all levels. We will work indoors and out, and practice using a series of questions  to help make decisions in the pastel painting process. Demonstrations  will focus on working quickly in changing light conditions, finding compositions that work, painting on a variety of surfaces, and using different techniques to control the medium and achieve a range of outcomes. Stretch yourself by trying pastel, or strengthen your ongoing pastel painting practice. No matter what medium you use, spending a weekend studying light will help you grow as an artist. Class will meet at the Art League with forays out to local natural areas if the weather cooperates. Bring a sack lunch! Offered: April 27 & 28. Levels: All,  Time: 9 - 3:30, Fee: $150 / $130 Members, Instructor ERIKA PERLOFF. Erika has been painting the local landscape in pastel for over 20 years and is also an experienced educator. Her work is widely exhibited and collected. 
10. Journaling
Journaling helps us to slow down to really see and appreciate the world around us. This course is designed for those who love being in nature and wish to record their experiences in the form of an illustrated journal. The basic elements of watercolor, color pencil, pen and ink wash will be covered as well as the fundamentals of layout and design to create a pleasing page. Drawing theory from Frederick Franck's "Zen of Seeing," and Betty Edward's "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain," will be presented to encourage us to turn down the internal critic, free up creativity, and enjoy both the process and the product as we journal our experiences. We will meet at the UC Arboretum to enjoy the glorious weather and views. Bring a sack lunch! Offered: June 1 & 2. Levels: All  Time: 9 - 3:30, Fee: $150 / $130-Members Admission: $10 Instructor CYNTHIA ARMSTRONG holds a graduate degree from UC Santa Cruz in Science Illustration and a Master's in Education from Stanford University. She has been a freelance illustrator and artist for over 15 years, and a teacher for the past 10 years. Cynthia, as a published illustrator, has traveled and journaled extensively throughout her career. 
11.  Watercolor: Tools & Techniques 
This two-day watercolor workshop will feature three painting projects, two simple and fun projects to introduce students to tools, techniques and develop their style. There will be an additional extended project to pull these together. We will be exploring basic to advanced painting techniques to create beautiful and dramatic watercolor paintings. All Levels. Bring a sack lunch! Offered: June 29 & 30. Levels: All.  Time: 9am - 3:30pm, Fee: $150 / $130.  Materials list provided. Instructor SHIRLEY LEHNER-RHOADES Shirley  is an Open Studio artist and owner of Scotts Valley Art Center, an art instruction school since 1997. 
12. Landscape Workshop
This 2 day workshop will cover the basic principles of painting: line, form, value, color, texture, and edges. You will paint the first morning. After a brief presentation at the Art League, we will travel to our first site. Have all your supplies and be ready to discover new ways of seeing the great landscapes around us.Bring a sack lunch! Offered: July 20 & 21. Levels: All,  Time: 9 - 3:30, Fee: $150 / $130 Members, Instructor MICHELE HAUSMAN Michele has exhibited her oil landscapes in Santa Cruz  County Open Studios Art Tour for the past 12 years. She is represented by Local Color in Big Sur and Scotts Valley Artisans.
Figurative Drawing
Facilitated by Open Studio artist Richard Bennett
$16 (Members $14; Students $10). Drop-Ins welcome!

Monday Night Drawing - Drawing from a model 
no instruction, Evenings 7-10 p.m.
1  & 3rd Monday Afternoon Drawing & Painting
1:30-4:30pm Live model, longer poses
Cancellation Policy: Full refund 7 calendar days prior to 1st class,
2-3 weeks for refund

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